Fire and emergency management/Fire Officer I/Emergency Services Delivery

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Termial Objective

Given an assigned facility. A preplan must be developed.The forms and all the required elements must be identified and completed and processed. This must be in accordance with the policies and procedures of the preplanning policies.

Enabling Objectives

  • Must have knowledge of the elements of the local emergency plan.
  • Must draw and project building construction at the basic level.
  • Must give detailed information on the available water supply.
  • A detailed list of building contents and the effect it will have on the fire load.
  • This infromation must be presented both orraly and in a wriiten plan.


Termial Objective
Given emergency response resources, and size up imformation.A plan of action must be developed.The plan must detail what resources will be needed to control the emergency. 

Enabling Objectives

  • Must be able to analyze and be able to communicate a good scene size-up
  • Must be able to have additional resources available and ready to respond if needed.
  • Must understand how to activate the emergency plan at local level.
  • A understanding of the evacuation procedures and the resources that will be neede to carry out safely and effectively

4.6.3 Termial objective Given an incident and the assigned resources.A action plan must be implemented at the emergency operations level. The plan must deploy the responding resources to the proper places to mitigate the situation

Enabling Objectives

  • Must have knowledge and understand standard operating procedures.
  • A incident management system must be implemented
  • A accountability system must be implemented to personal safety and tracking.
  • Resources must be available and ready to respond to mitigate the emergency.

4.6.4 Termial Objective Given a single unit incident. A post incident analysis must be developed and conducted.Forms and all the critical elements must be identified and processed to the proper channels. This is in accordance with the post incident policies and procedures.

Enabling Objectives

  • Must understand what a post analysis is what this is designed to do.
  • Must communicate areas that may have been problems water, building construction,fire growth fire protection systems.
  • How was emergency dispathed and does the alarm assigments need to be up graded.
  • The ability to fill out and complete forms in a manner to provide a means to research the incident. Must be able to communicate these findings orraly.