Fire and emergency management/Fire Officer I/Community and Government Relations

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4.3.1 Termial Objectives Given a community need.Initiate a action to address the need.Policies and procedures need to be developed in the area concerning the need.

Enabling Objectives

  • Research the service organizattions and community demographics
  • Research ways to improve community relations.

4.3.2 Termial Objectives Given policies and procedures when addressing a citizens concern.Initiate a action plan to address the concern.

Enabling O bjectives

  • Ensure the proper people are notified to effectly and correctly address the concern.
  • Use verbal communication skills when addressing the public.
  • Look at ways to improve relations with the public.

4.3.3 Termial Objectives When responding to a public inquiry.Ensure that policies and procedure are follow in accordance and where applicable. Answer questions accurately and couryeously.

Enabling Objectives

  • Understand how policies and procedures are applied in this matter
  • Written and good Oral communication skills are needed
  • The ability to interpersonally interact with the public.

4.3.4 Termial Objectives Given a target audience and specify topic. A public education must be developed.Develope a system to ensure the intended message is conveyed and understood.

Enabling Objectives

  • Must understand the departments public education program.
  • Must have good communication skills and be able to communicate well to a large group of people.