Fire and emergency management/Fire Officer I/Administration

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4,4,1 Termial Objects Department implementation of a new or changes to a existing policy.Policy must be at the unit level. Recommend changes must be reveiwed and communicated so when implemented it is understood.

Enabling Objectives

  • Policies must be communicated and written so they are understood.
  • Improvements and or new policies are at unit level

4.4.2 Termial Objectives Given the forms and record-management system.Unit level administrative must execute functions to complete forms and logs. All forms and logs must be maintained in accordance with policies and procedures

Enabling Objectives

  • Must understand proper recond management
  • Must understand all department policies and procedures in referrence to logs and forms
  • Must be able to fill out all forms and logs

4.4.3 Termial Objectives Given the need for a budget. The proper budget forms must be summited. ALso they need the proper data and request forms.

Enabling Objects

  • Must understand the budget process.
  • Must understand the policies and procedures in regard to the budget
  • Must reveiw and understand budget forms and request and also data