Fire and emergency management/Fire Fighter I/Fire Department Communications

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Fire Department communications. 5.2.1

Terminal objective: Fire Fighter shall be able to start an emergency response, given the emergency, using Fire Department standard operating procedures and properly use communications equipment, gather necessary information, operate equipment correctly and information is properly and accurately relayed to the dispatch center.

Enabling Objective: Candidate shall know the procedures for reporting an emergency under the Departments standard operating procedures for taking and receiving alarms, radio codes, an any information the dispatch center will need.

Demonstrating objective: Candidate shall show the ability to operate fire department communications equipment and properly and accurately relay and record pertinent information.


Terminal Objective: Candidate shall be able to take a personal or business call using the departments procedures and caller information is relayed.

Enabling Objective: Candidate shall know the department’s fire station and intercom procedures.

Demonstrating Objectives: Candidate shall be able to demonstrate proper procedure using the fire station telephone and intercom equipment.


  Terminal Objective: Candidate shall be able to transmit and receive messages using fire department radio, using proper radio and operating procedures gather accurate information that is complete,clear, and relayed in the time established by the AHJ.

Enabling Objective: Candidate shall know radio procedures, using proper etiquette for routine,emergency, and emergency evacuation signals.

Demonstrating Objective: candidate shall be able to operate radio equipment and know the difference between routine and emergency traffic.