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Criteria for new fire dept. personnel in the hiring process for Small Town Anyware USA: Fire District XXOOXXO is as follows.[edit | edit source]

Applicant Prerequisites:

1. Minimum 18 years of age.

2. High School graduate or equivalent.

3. Valid drivers’ license.

4. U.S. citizenship.

Information to be requested on the application:

1. Date of birth

2. Current address and past addresses for the past 5 years.

3. School and year of graduation, highest level.

4. Past employment history, last five employers or last five years.

5. Three references, not to include relatives or family members.

6. Any certificates or diplomas that relate to position applying for.

7. Hobbies and interests.

Evaluation Components:

1. Written test to determine placement on a list of candidates.

2. Test to be given by Pro Test Company of Small town Anyware, based on the Apex test guild for civil service exams.

3. Top 75 candidates will precede to the physical agility test which will be pass or fail based on timed drills.

a) 50ft bundle 2 ½ inch hose carry up 4 flights of stairs and back to starting position in 60 seconds or less.

b) 21ft. ladder raise from ground to rack 4 times in 30 seconds or less.

c) Advance a charged 2 ½ inch hose while shooting water for 50ft in 45 seconds or less.

d) Walk balance beams that are in a zigzag pattern without falling off for a distance of 60ft in 30 seconds or less, with a 3 second penalty for stepping off each time it happens.

4. Oral board interview to be conducted by, 1 chief officer, 1 operations officer, 1 firefighter.

a) Questions based on current events, town history, & desire to work for Small town Anyware USA Fire Dept.

5.Must take and pass urine analysis test for illegal drug usage.

6.Must take and pass a physical and mental evaluation to be given by Small town Anyware General Hospitals Dr. Peter Von Loose-nut.

7.Candidates will be scored on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the greater on the scale.