Fire and emergency management/Airport Rescue Fire Fighter/Response

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Terminal Objective: Respond to day and night incidents or accidents on and adjacent to the airport, given an assignment, operating conditions, a location, a grid map, a vehicle, and a prescribed reponse time, so that the route selected and taken provides access to the site within the allotted time.

Enabling objectives: Student must understand the following:

  • airport familiarization
  • runway and taxiway designations
  • frangible gate locations
  • airport markings and lights
  • instrument landing system (ILS) critical areas
  • critical rescue and firefighting access areas
  • designated isolation areas
  • vehicular traffic controls on the airfield
  • bridge load limits
  • controlled access points
  • aircraft traffic patterns and taxi routes
  • fuel storage and distribution locations
  • airport and immediate local area topographic layout including drainage systems, water supplies and airport facilities

Terminal Objective: Communicate critical incident information regarding an incident or accident on or adjacent to an airport, given an assignment involving an incident or accident and an incident management system (IMS) protocol, so that the information provided is accurate and sufficient for the incident commander to initiate an attack plan.

Enabling Obectives: Student must understand the following:

  • IMS protocol
  • the airport emergency plan
  • airport and aircraft familiarization
  • communications equipment and procedures

Terminal Objective: Communicate with applicable air traffic control facilities, given a response destination on or adjacen to an airport and radio equipment, so that all required clearences are obtained.

Enabling Objectives: Student must understand the following:

  • communications equipment and frequencies
  • tower light signals
  • aviation phraseology
  • phonetic alphabet

Terminal Objective: Perform an airport operation, given an assignment, a hazardous condition, and the airport policies and procedures, so that unsafe conditions are detected and rduced in accordance with the airport policies and procedures.

Enabling Objectives: Student must understand the following:

  • airport and aircraft policies and procedures for hazardous conditions