Filmmaking Basics/Understanding Film Dailies/Filming a conversation

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This school is:
Wikiversity Film School - Narrative film production
This course is:
The basics of narrative filmmaking
This lesson is:
Understanding Film Dailies
The pages of this lesson are:
Introduction - Understanding film dailies
1. Filming a conversation - Overview

Look at the overview movies and the dailies

Learn by examples

Look at real examples

As you look at each of the scenes, look at both the overview movies and the dailies.
I want you to tell me what you think of the scene. What did you see or learn from this scene?
Start with "Out For A Walk". That is a fun one.
Email me
Click here and tell me what you think the first scene.
Repeat this for all the scenes.
Begin with "Follow Dave?" Editing Workshop CD

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And she said, "Follow Dave?"
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Contact your instructor

Your instructor for this filmmaking class is Robert Elliott. You can email me by clicking here.