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Hiring Sue Scott[edit | edit source]

Sue Scott is the best (and best known) voice over person in the USA. So naturally, we want her voice for the animated version of our movie.

Finding how to contact Sue Scott is easy. You just go to [ttp:// The Tim Russell and Sue Scott demo page] and listen to Sue Scott's voice.

On this same page, you notice a sign saying:

To Book or Audition: To hire Sue Scott contact Amy Oppegaard of Wehmann Models and Talent, Inc. in Minneapolis at 612.333.6393.

So we contacted Amy Oppegaard and she said,

Hi Robert-

Thanks for contacting Wehmann. How can I help you with your film? What kind of information do you need?

Thank you. Amy

So I responded,

Date : Thu, 16 Nov 2006 10:03:21 -0800

Subject : Amy Oppegaard - Wikiversity Film School (Animated voices - SueScott) Amy Oppegaard,

The Wikiversity Film School is a free film school for high school kids (and older) to see how a short motion picture is created. We give people at home and in school the opportunity to work on a real motion picture.

This motion picture is called "Seduced by the Dark Side!" which talks about the Macintosh computer and an unnamed brand of computer. Everything put on the Wikiveristy Film School web pages is released under an Open Source license so that people everywhere are able to work on this project.

We are making BOTH an animated version and a live action version. The animated version will be created in 2007. The movie is about 45 seconds long and has about 12 lines.

For the animated version, we need two voices ("Young Person" and "Old Person"). We will know more (the gender and age) when we select the computer models for the motion picture in about four months.

We are not a SAG signator.

Currently, I prefer that Sue Scott do her own recording as I have no travel budget.

It would be nice to have a documentary made of the recording session to show everyone.

The recording session will be done in mid 2007 once we have a full animatic (movie of our storyboards) to show Sue Scott/Tim Russell. I will email you the script (pdf file) in a few days. (It is being updated next week.)

Do you have a head shot photo of Sue Scott that can be distributed on the Wikiversity website under an open source license?

Robert Elliott

Robert Elliott Purser Wikiversity Instructor Wikiversity Film School