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This course in music and filmmaking is:
Film scoring introduction for filmmakers
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Lesson #01: Creating the sound of "Fear" with just GarageBand
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Lesson Summary: Creating moods with individual notes using just GarageBand
Page 1: Getting started with GarageBand
Page 2: Creating the sound of fear with just GarageBand - 6 points
Page 3: Creating additional moods for motion pictures with individual notes - 6 points
Crystal Clear app kfm home.png Lesson #01 - Creating moods using individual musical notes
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What? No Jam Pack:Symphony Orchestra?
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You do not need Jam Pack:Symphony Orchestra (or, as an alternative, MOTU's Symphony Instrument) to create simple moods with GarageBand. But I strongly recommend you get Jam Pack:Symphony Orchestra
If you do not have the sounds of a symphony orchestra, you can still create moods by using cords. This reqires more musical knowledge. (Using Jam Pack:Symphony Orchestra requires absolutely no musical background to create fantastic musical sounds that create mood for your motion pictures.)
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The Sound of Fear

Creating moods with chords

Some cords automatically create the sound of fear. You must try all the possible combination of software instruments and chords to find a sound which creates fear in the mind of the audience.

Fade in and fade out

Just playing a chord is not enough. When you play a cord with GarageBand, the trill turns on and then turns off. This is not realistic. To make the trill seem realistic, you must adjust the volume of the sound so it fades in and fades out, etc.

That's it!

This entire process is fast. Super fast! Once you have found the correct musical instrument and the chords to create the mood you want and after you have adjusted the volume of the note, you are done. How easy can it get!!!

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