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Under Construction June 2008

Uploading student assignments
Film scoring course
Student assignments are loaded on the students page and on the page of the lesson which contains the completed assignments.
Only on the student's page
The boxes which show the student's completed assignment are templates which must be substituted on the student's page. These templates only work on that page!!!

The steps

Does the student exist?
Check for the students name by typing "User:" and then the student's ID as you know it.

Wrong name
If the name comes back with "No registered user by that name", then you have the wrong name.
New user
If the page comes up empty but with no error message (ie., "You have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet") then the page is just blank but you have the right student's name.

Step 1

Enroll the student in the class
Go to Basic filmmaking (pre-production) and add the student's user name.

Step 2

Once this is saved, go to the students user page and add:

{{subst:Template:Film school - Filmmaking course - New student}}
{{subst:Template:Film school - Basic filmmaking - New student status}}

Step 3 = Script Formatting

Script Formatting
When the script needs to be uploaded, use the template
{{subst:Template:Film School-Student assignment - upload|TheUser=xxx|Lesson=formatting the movie script}}

Then go to the student's page and add:
{{subst:Template:Film School-Script Formatting-Answer Box|FileName=xxx|Comment=xxx}}
After this is saved, make a copy of all the info and put this box on:

Search for a page (User: xxx)

Pop Quiz
When the pop quiz is done, add:

{{subst:Template:Film School-Storyboarding-Pop Quiz-Answers form|TheUser=xxx|N1=xx|N2=xx|T1=xxx|T2=xxx}}

to the user page and to the page Template:Film_School:Storyboarding:Pop_Quiz:Answers4.


Templates used in this course