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Under Construction June 2008

Uploading student assignments
Basic filmmaking (pre-productions)
Student assignments must first be loaded onto the students page. Copies of the completed boxes can then be copied to the pages for completed assignments.
Only on the student's page
The boxes which show the student's completed assignment are templates which must be substituted on the student's page. These templates only work on that page!!!

The steps

Before you start

Does the student exist?
Check for the spelling of the student's USER name by typing "User:" and then the student's ID as you know it.

Page exists
If the student has already started his or her USER page, just continue the page.
New user
If the page comes up empty but with no error message (ie., "You have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet" or "Wikiversity does not have a user page with this exact name. In general, this page should be created and edited by User:Ugsmidt.) then you should try to " Start the User:Ugsmidt page." (The name "Ugsmidt" is just an example here.)
Wrong name
When you try to start a USER page, if Wiki comes back with "User account "Ugsmidt" is not registered. Please check if you want to create/edit this page.", then you have the wrong name.

Step 1 - Create the student's page

Enroll the student in the class
Go to Basic filmmaking (pre-production) and add the student's user name.
This has the format of:
You can also add a comment about the student to attract attention to the student.
*[[User:Rick14|Rick14]] -- Rick is from the Netherlands.
If the student prefers another name, include the USER name so you do not get confused later.
*[[User:Rick14|Rick van Veldhuizen (Rick14)]] -- Rick is from the Netherlands.

Step 2 - Preload the student's page

Once this is saved, go to the students user page and add:

{{subst:Template:Film school - Filmmaking course - About me}}
{{subst:Template:Film school - Filmmaking course - New student}}
{{subst:Template:Film school - Basic filmmaking - New student status}}

An alternative for the first templage is:
{{subst:Template:Film school - Filmmaking course - About me|Picture=Image:Crystal Clear kdm user female.png}}

Step 3 - Script Formatting

Script Formatting
When the script needs to be uploaded, use the template
{{subst:Template:Film School-Student assignment - upload|TheUser=xxx|Lesson=formatting the movie script}}
  • You copy this template into the "Upload File:Summary" box on an UPLOAD page.
  • This is one of the few time when you must include the users name. It is typed without the prefix "User:".
  • When you are adding anything to a USER page, the User name is automatically added. Only when you use a template on a page which is not the user page must you type the USER name.

Then go to the student's page and add:
{{subst:Template:Film School-Script Formatting-Answer Box|FileName=xxx|Software=xxx|Comment=xxx}}
  • FileName = the name of the file as uploaded. Remember to add the user name (or something similar) to the beginning of the file name so it is easy to identify.
  • Software = a description of the software uses which is usually the free demo version of Final Draft.
  • Comment = the teachers comments.
  • Remember to eliminate the word Image in the title Image:Rick14 Screenplay SBTDS.pdf for the FileName.( Do not add Media. It will be added automatically.)
After this is saved, make a copy of all the info and put this box on:

Step 4 - The Pop Quiz

The Pop Quiz form

Use this form:

{{subst:Template:Film School-Storyboarding-Pop Quiz-Answers form|N1=xx|N2=xx|T1=xxx|T2=xxx}}

Step 5 - Thumbnail storyboard

The thumbnail storyboard sheet and frame
The student will scan and send a thumbnail storyboard sheet which needs to be reduced and a frame taken from the sheet. Then it must be uploaded. uploaded, use the template
{{subst:Template:Film School-Student assignment - upload|TheUser=xxx|Lesson=Thumbnail storyboarding lesson}}

Then go to the student's page and add:
{{subst:Template:Film School-Thumbnail Storyboard-Answer Box|Frame=Image:xxx|Sheet=Image:xxx}}
After this is saved, make a copy of all the info and put this box on:
  • students talk page.

Step 6 - Over The Shoulder Storyboard Shots

This is a test
The student needs to see how an over-the-shoulder shot is done. The student submits a FrameForge 3D project file and the teacher must create the storyboards and add two corrections.

To do the upload, use the template

{{subst:Template:Film School-Student assignment - upload|TheUser=xxx|Lesson=Over-the-shoulder exercise}}

Then go to the student's page and add:
{{subst:Template:Film School-OTS Storyboards-Answer Box|Wide=Image:xxx|Tele=Image:xxx|Wide2=Image:xxx|Tele2=Image:xxx}}
After this is saved, make a copy of all the info and put this box on:

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