Film and Documentary Studies

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Documentary Studies[edit | edit source]

Lfd. Titel Abstract Bewertung
1 COM 351 Lecture 01 - Getting Started This course will allow students to study the methods by which documentary work is conducted and to complete a documentary project of their own. The course will connect the qualitative methods of the social sciences and the humanistic concerns of the arts by allowing students to study documentary subjects as captured by non-fiction, photography, film, tape recorder, and the World Wide Web. Special emphasis will be placed on narrative and metaphor. 966 views
2 COM 351 Lecture 02 - Connections for Research in the Social Sciences and the Humanities Connections to social sciences 1240 views
3 COM 351 Lecture 03 - A Guide to Philosophical Decision-Making Ethical Codes in documentary. 397 views
4 COM 351 Lecture 04 - The Research Proposal for a Documentary Project Key concepts in research. How to operationalize research concepts ? 2101 views
5 COM 351 Lecture 05 - Model Construction and the Preparation of Field Research Design of your research 459 views
6 COM 351 Lecture 06 - Masters and Interpretation Writing in documentary studies 161 views
7 COM 351 Lecture 07 - Photography and Documentary Studies 2079 views
8 COM 351 Lecture 08 - Oral History and Documentary Studies Oral history 402 views
9 COM 351 Lecture 09 - Film and Documentary Studies Film documentary 1899 views
10 351 Lecture 10 - The World Wide Web and Documentary Studies The world wide web 118 views