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English Fiddle Tunes (study guide)[edit | edit source]

A study guide for English, Welsh,Scottish and Irish Fiddle Tunes by Robin Williamson

Old Mother Oxford


Staines Morris performed by Orion's Bow

[ Hunting the Hard Lull Me Beyond Thee English country dance, danced at the Country Dance New York's 25th annual Playford Ball in April, 2008. Website: .

Denise Myriam Cannas - The Young May Moon (twin harps)

Zeljka Milosevic solo harp

Swaggering Boney May be also known as "The Old Frog Dance", and used for the "The Congleton Bear".

Klezmer[edit | edit source]

Nothing matches the mystery and mood of top notch klezmer music. [1]

"Chusen Kala Mazel Tov" (Congratulations, Bride and Groom) Jewish Wedding Song (Klezmer, Instrumental)

with Abe Ellstein's Orchestra

Literatur[edit | edit source]

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Dave Tarras, 1897-1989, born Dovid Tarraschuk in Ternivka, (a village in Teplytskyi Raion, Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine), possibly the most famous 20th century klezmer musician. He is known for his long career and his very skilled clarinet playing. [2]

Nigunim melodies[edit | edit source]

Hasidic prayer has a distinctive accompaniment of wordless melodies called nigunim that represent the overall mood of the prayer; in recent years this innovation has become increasingly popular in non-Hasidic communities as well.

Violin[edit | edit source]

[3] From Israel.

Klezmer[edit | edit source]


Ukrainian polka bands[edit | edit source]

[4] Ukrainian tune in Reiner text


Klezmer violin[edit | edit source]


SpeedFolk[edit | edit source]

German band Fiddler's Green rocking the house with RRTD. Folk's Not Dead. Accordion and all.

From Fiddling Across America[edit | edit source]

ew Piney Mountain Tune discussed by Lester McCumbers.

Topic covered[edit | edit source]

New England, West Virginia, French Canadian, Courtesy of County Records, North Carolina, New York, Cape Breton, Courtesy of Rounder Records, Lisa Ornstein, Benny Thomasson, Clark Kessinger, Done Gone, Eck Robertson, Gerry Robichaud, Joe Pancerzewski, Arthur Smith, Doc Roberts, John Carson, Library of Congress, Tommy Jarrell, Civil War, Jean Carignan, John Chambers, Skillet Lickers, Andy Woolf New!

Virginia fiddlers[edit | edit source]

Galax, Va. version of Yew Piney Mountain here

Celtic[edit | edit source]

The Wind That Shakes The Barley

The Humours Of Lissadell

The Maid Behind The Bar

Rolling In The Ryegrass

The Sligo Maid

The Earl's Chair

Down The Broom, The Gatehouse Maid,

The Sailor On The Rock,

The Maids Of Mitchelstown,

The Stack Of Barley

Rise A Mile

Tune From Gurteen

Tom Billy's,

The Scotsman Over The Border,

Andy McGann's Jig, Old Man Dillon,

Sean Ryan's Jig,

Wallace's Cross, A Slide, A Jig.

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