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Rich Gray Biography[edit | edit source]

Rich Gray, resident of South Florida and Manna, South Carolina native is an African American man who works collecting tupertines. He is a normally relaxed man who at times keeps his guard up for the protection of him and his wife. Rich is in his early fifties and lives with his wife Lula Gray who is 37 years old. They have a 3 roomed house that is built poorly but decorated nicely on the inside to be made comfortable. Rich rides his horse Joe, covering 20-30 acres a day looking out for fires and seeking out readily available turpentine trees. The men who worked for and with him collect the tupertines and make around 90 cents to $1.25 per ~1500 tupertines collected. Rich uses his money to take care of him and his wife and put food on the table. He hunts his own meat on the large land acreage in order to save money due to the rising prices of groceries. Rich occasionally attends church but not like others in the community who go on the regular. Rich, also being strong willed, chooses to not vote in fear of voting for something he does not truly understand. Overall Rich Gray, a strong willed but kind hearted man is someone who is familiar with many in the community but reserved enough to be himself.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

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