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Nonlinear Finite Elements
Nonlinear finite elements is a course of about 150 to 200 pages designed by mechanical engineering researcher User:Banerjee. It is the best developed of a number of related mechanical engineering projects created by the same user - other projects include Introduction to Elasticity (about 100 pages) and Waves in composites and metamaterials (a 25-page lecture series). Nonlinear finite elements contains a lecture series, homework assignments and solutions. Course description: "an introductory course on nonlinear finite element analysis of solid mechanics and heat transfer problems. Nonlinearities can be caused by changes in geometry or be due to nonlinear material behavior. Both types of nonlinearities are covered in this course. The course aims to (1) provide the mathematical foundations of the finite element formulation for engineering applications (solids, heat, fluids) and (2) expose students to some of the recent trends and research areas in finite elements." For related materials, see also continuum mechanic, finite element analysis and nonlinear finite elements (category).