Facilitating Online/Round up assignments, course review

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This week will be a breather period to tie up all your assignments, review and summarise your weekly blogging efforts, provide feedback to the course facilitator on the content, workloads, and other aspects, and to meet in our final web conference to discuss the topics as a whole.

To do

1. Write a closing post to your blog with links to your previous postings made for each of the 10 topics. Include a few sentences after each link that summarises what you wrote for each topic:

  • What is an online community?
  • Facilitating, moderating, or teaching
  • Discussion forums
  • Blog networks
  • Wiki collaborators
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Social networking platforms
  • Reflecting on the different kinds of online communities
  • Facilitate an event for the course mini conference
  • Evaluate the facilitation of an online event

2. Finish this closing post with feedback to the course. Did you learn new and useful things? Was it challenging enough? What could have been better? What could you have done better. Did the course facilitator do a good job? How will you apply what you have learned? Who would you recommend to do this course next time?

3. If you would like to give feedback in a more private forum, feel free to complete this evaluation form.