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Plan for and facilitate an online event for the course mini conference. Your task is to identify a topic of interest expressed by participants in this course. You are to arrange for a guest speaker, panel or other online activity and facilitate that event as part of a series of events by other participants. You will need to negotiate with the guest speaker/s, arrange times and locations, promote and document the event and facilitate attendance and delivery. You will coordinate your session with others in this course so that together, and you will field inquiries and handle technical issues during your session. The course facilitator will coordinate the week 9 conference over all.

The following plan might help you to prepare:

After you have established an event which you will facilitate, create a plan of how you will facilitate it. Include things like:

  • Title for the session
  • The aim of the session
  • Promotions for the session (contact list, flier, bios, summary)
  • Key links for the event, dates and times, background information, and discussion starters
  • A description of technical support services available
  • A contingency plan for technical problems, poor or over attendance, and other disruptions
  • An indication of whether recording will be done and where it will be made available after the event

To do

1. Add your event name and details to the course mini conference page.

2. Start a discussion thread for your event in the course mini conference discussion page, and monitor discussion

3. Post your plan details to your blog (see above points).