Facilitating Online/Facilitate an event for the course mini conference

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In these two weeks you will focus on the event that you are facilitating as part of the course mini conference. The idea is for you to organise something for the conference, such as a guest speaker or a discussion panel through webconference; a discussion forum on a social networking platform; or assisting with the preparation and promotion of the mini conference generally. This will be your chance to facilitate real events online, and to experience the dimensions to facilitation online.

To do

1. Confirm details of your event listed in the course mini conference.

2. Actively promote your event to the rest of the participants and wider. This conference is open for anyone to attend, so take the opportunity to bring in wider audiences.

4. Facilitate your event at the mini conference and attend as many if not all other events in the conference.

5. Help document the conference by posting commentary to your blog.