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These are the rest of EMM modules, except of XHTML2-compatible modules:

XInclude Module[edit | edit source]

See Wikipedia.

Comment Module[edit | edit source]

Namespace: http://portonvictor.org/ns/comment

Tags c:comment of this namespace are simply removed from the XML.

Syntax highlighting Module[edit | edit source]

Namespace: http://portonvictor.org/ns/syntax

Example of usage:

<pre syntax:format="JavaScript">function() { return 123 }</pre>

Table of Contents Module[edit | edit source]

This module allows to generate a table of contents automatically.

Namespace: http://portonvictor.org/ns/EMM/toc

The table is inserted at <toc:toc/> element.

Currently in XML Boiler it works only for documents where sections namespace is used for structuring the document.