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Esper', English, Esperanto.

Esper' English Esperanto
aynest' any state of being (aynest')
〔 any_of- "est" 〕 〔 "ayn" -natural_state 〕
aynforges' any forgotten (aynforges')
〔 any_of- "forges" / any_of- "forg" -owner / any_of- away- "ges" 〕 〔 "aynforg" -owner 〕
aynrest' any remaining (aynrest')
〔 any_of- "rest" 〕 〔 "aynr" -natural_state / "ayn" -natural_state -head 〕
cud' arest' should arrest
〔 cud' /+/ "ar" -natural_state / "a" -natural_state -head 〕
cud' atest' should testify
〔 cud' /+/ "at" -natural_state 〕
cud' estr' should head up
〔 cud' /+/ "est" -head 〕
cud' permes' should permit
〔 cud' /+/ "perm" -owner / with- "mes" 〕
cud' pes' should weigh
cud' pres' should print
cud' progres' should progress
〔 cud' /+/ "progr" -owner / "prog" -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" 〕
cud' promes' should promise
〔 cud' /+/ "prom" -owner / on_account_of- "mes" 〕
cud' protest' should protest
〔 cud' /+/ on_account_of- "test" 〕 〔 "prot" -natural_state 〕
cud' rest' should stay
cud' suktses' should succeed
〔 cud' /+/ "sukts" -owner 〕
cud' tces' should cease
cud' vest' should dress
cud' vest' should get dressed
des' also (als')
des' as well
des' coincides (coincides')
des' consequently (cons')
des' than (xan')
des' that kind
des' that much
des' that one
dev' arest' must arrest
〔 dev' /+/ "ar" -natural_state / "a" -natural_state -head 〕
dev' atest' must testify
〔 dev' /+/ "at" -natural_state 〕
dev' permes' must permit
〔 dev' /+/ "perm" -owner / with- "mes" 〕
dev' pes' must weigh
dev' pres' must print
dev' progres' must progress
〔 dev' /+/ "progr" -owner / "prog" -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" 〕
dev' promes' must promise
〔 dev' /+/ "prom" -owner / on_account_of- "mes" 〕
dev' protest' must protest
〔 dev' /+/ on_account_of- "test" 〕 〔 "prot" -natural_state 〕
dev' rest' must stay
dev' suktses' must succeed
〔 dev' /+/ "sukts" -owner 〕
dev' tces' must cease
dev' vest' must dress
dev' vest' must get dressed
duest' two states of being (duest')
〔 two- "est" 〕 〔 "du" -natural_state 〕
duforges' two forgotten (duforges')
〔 two- "forges" / two- "forg" -owner / two- away- "ges" 〕 〔 "duforg" -owner 〕
durest' two remaining (durest')
〔 two- "rest" 〕 〔 "dur" -natural_state / "du" -natural_state -head 〕
es' owner (owner')
es' possessive (poses')
esm' blend (blend')
est' am (est') (est')
est' are (est') (est')
est' be (est') estas (est')
est' be (est') esti (est')
est' being (est') (est')
est' is (est') (est')
est' natural state (est') (est')
est' stative (est') (est')
est' there be (est') esti (est')
est' to be (est') (est')
estr' leader (estr')
〔 "est" -head 〕
forges' forget (forges')
〔 "forg" -owner / away- "ges" 〕
iest' some state of being (iest')
〔 some- "est" 〕 〔 "i" -natural_state 〕
iforges' some forgotten (iforges')
〔 some- "forges" / some- "forg" -owner / some- away- "ges" 〕 〔 "iforg" -owner 〕
ilkresk' power of growth (ilkresk')
〔 some- "lkresk" 〕 〔 power_of- "kresk" 〕
irest' some remaining (irest')
〔 some- "rest" 〕 〔 "ir" -natural_state / "i" -natural_state -head 〕
kies' whose (kies')
〔 "ki" -owner / what- "es" 〕
kies (kies')
kresk' grow (kresk') (kresk')
kud' tces' could stop
malkresk' ebb (malkresk')
〔 opposite_of- "kresk" 〕
onest' one state of being (onest')
〔 one- "est" 〕 〔 "on" -natural_state 〕
onforges' one forgotten (onforges')
〔 one- "forges" / one- "forg" -owner / one- away- "ges" 〕 〔 "onforg" -owner 〕
onrest' one remaining (onrest')
〔 one- "rest" 〕 〔 "onr" -natural_state / "on" -natural_state -head 〕
pest' plague (plagu') pest' (pest')
presk' almost (almost') preskaŭ (presk')
presk' almost (almost')
rest' remain (rest') (rest')
rest' remainder (rest') (rest')
ses' six (ses') (ses')
wil' tces' will stop
wud' tces' would stop
yes' yes (yes') jes (jes')
ziest' every state of being (ziest')
〔 every- "est" 〕 〔 "zi" -natural_state 〕
ziforges' all forgotten (ziforges')
〔 every- "forges" / every- "forg" -owner / every- away- "ges" 〕 〔 "ziforg" -owner 〕
zirest' all remaining (zirest')
〔 every- "rest" 〕 〔 "zir" -natural_state / "zi" -natural_state -head 〕
adolesk'a adolescent (adolescent'a)
〔 "adolesk" -adjective 〕
adoleska (adolesk'a)
adolesk'a teenage (tenag'a) adoleska (adolesk'a)
adres'a address (adres'a)
〔 "adres" -adjective / "adr" -adjective -owner / "ad" -adjective -owner -head 〕
agres'a aggressive (agres'a)
〔 "agres" -adjective / "agr" -adjective -owner / "ag" -adjective -owner -head 〕
agresa (agres'a)
altkresk'a tall (tal'a)
〔 "altkresk" -adjective / to_or_toward- "tkresk" -adjective 〕
altkreska (altkresk'a)
atest'a testimonial (test'a)
〔 "atest" -adjective 〕 〔 "at" -adjective -natural_state 〕
belkresk'a beautiful (beautiful'a)
〔 "belkresk" -adjective 〕
belkreska (belkresk'a)
best'a animal (animal'a)
〔 "best" -adjective 〕
burlesk'a burlesque (burlesqu'a)
〔 "burlesk" -adjective 〕
burleska (burlesk'a)
ctatestr'a gubernatorial (gubernator'a)
〔 "ctatestr" -adjective / "ctat" -adjective -leader / "ctatest" -adjective -head 〕
ŝtatestra (ctatestr'a)
dekses'a sixteenth (dekses'a)
〔 ten- "ses" -adjective 〕 〔 "dekses" -adjective / "deks" -adjective -owner / of- "kses" -adjective 〕
deksesa (dekses'a)
dres'a training (train'a)
〔 "dres" -adjective 〕
dresa (dres'a)
ekstses'a excess (exces'a)
〔 "ekstses" -adjective / "eksts" -adjective -owner / outside- "tses" -adjective 〕
ekscesa (eksces'a)
ekstses'a excessive (exces'a)
ektses'a excessive (exces'a)
〔 "ektses" -adjective / "ekts" -adjective -owner 〕
ekcesa (ekces'a)
fest'a festive (fest'a)
〔 "fest" -adjective 〕
festa (fest'a)
fluoresk'a fluorescent (fluorescent'a)
〔 "fluoresk" -adjective 〕
fluoreska (fluoresk'a)
grotesk'a bizarre (bizar'a)
〔 "grotesk" -adjective 〕
groteska (grotesk'a)
grotesk'a grotesque (grotesqu'a) groteska (grotesk'a)
honest'a forthright (forxriqt'a)
〔 "honest" -adjective 〕 〔 "hon" -adjective -natural_state 〕
honesta (honest'a)
honest'a honest (honest'a) honesta (honest'a)
imperiestr'a royal (royal'a)
〔 some- "mperiestr" -adjective / some- "mperi" -adjective -leader / some- "mperiest" -adjective -head 〕 〔 "imperiestr" -adjective / "imperi" -adjective -leader / "imperiest" -adjective -head 〕
imperiestra (imperiestr'a)
impres'a impressive (impres'a)
〔 some- "mpres" -adjective 〕 〔 "impres" -adjective / "impr" -adjective -owner / "imp" -adjective -owner -head 〕
impresa (impres'a)
interes'a interesting (interes'a)
〔 some- "nteres" -adjective / some- "nter" -adjective -owner / some- "nte" -adjective -owner -head 〕 〔 "interes" -adjective / "inter" -adjective -owner / "inte" -adjective -owner -head / not_on_the_outside- "te" -adjective -owner -head / "in" -adjective -owner -relational / "int" -adjective -owner -element / not_on_the_outside- "ter" -adjective -owner / not_on_the_outside- "te" -adjective -owner -head / not_on_the_outside- "teres" -adjective / not_on_the_outside- "ter" -adjective -owner / not_on_the_outside- "te" -adjective -owner -head / between- "es" -adjective 〕
interesa (interes'a)
intest'a intestinal (intest'a)
〔 some- "ntest" -adjective 〕 〔 "intest" -adjective / not_on_the_outside- "test" -adjective 〕 〔 "int" -adjective -natural_state 〕
intesta (intest'a)
invest'a investor (invest'a)
〔 some- "nvest" -adjective 〕 〔 "invest" -adjective / not_on_the_outside- "vest" -adjective 〕 〔 "inv" -adjective -natural_state 〕
kares'a tender (kares'a)
〔 "kares" -adjective / "kar" -adjective -owner / "ka" -adjective -owner -head 〕
karesa (kares'a)
kermes'a festive (fes'a)
〔 "kermes" -adjective / "kerm" -adjective -owner 〕
kermesa (kermes'a)
kongres'a congressional (congres'a)
〔 "kongres" -adjective / "kongr" -adjective -owner / "kong" -adjective -owner -head 〕
kongresa (kongres'a)
kvest'a fund-raising (fund-raising'a)
〔 "kvest" -adjective 〕
kvesta (kvest'a)
lesb'a lesbian (lesb'a)
〔 "lesb" -adjective 〕
lesba (lesb'a)
malaltkresk'a short (cort'a)
〔 "malaltkresk" -adjective / opposite_of- "altkresk" -adjective / opposite_of- to_or_toward- "tkresk" -adjective / adjectival_opposite_of- "ltkresk" -adjective 〕
malaltkreska (malaltkresk'a)
malfest'a sombre (sombr'a)
〔 "malfest" -adjective / opposite_of- "fest" -adjective 〕 〔 "malf" -adjective -natural_state 〕
malfesta (malfest'a)
malhonest'a dishonest (diconest'a)
〔 "malhonest" -adjective / opposite_of- "honest" -adjective 〕 〔 "malhon" -adjective -natural_state / "malh" -adjective -natural_state -part / opposite_of- "hon" -adjective -natural_state 〕
malhonesta (malhonest'a)
malmodest'a pretentious (pretent'a)
〔 "malmodest" -adjective / opposite_of- "modest" -adjective 〕 〔 "malmod" -adjective -natural_state / "malm" -adjective -natural_state -previous_generation / opposite_of- "mod" -adjective -natural_state 〕
malmodesta (malmodest'a)
malsuktses'a failed (fail'a)
〔 "malsuktses" -adjective / "malsukts" -adjective -owner / opposite_of- "sukts" -adjective -owner / opposite_of- "suktses" -adjective / opposite_of- "sukts" -adjective -owner 〕
malsukcesa (malsukces'a)
malsuktses'a foiled (foiled'a) malsukcesa (malsukces'a)
manifest'a manifest (manifest'a)
〔 "manifest" -adjective 〕 〔 "manif" -adjective -natural_state / "man" -adjective -natural_state -change_into 〕
mayest'a great (great'a)
〔 "mayest" -adjective 〕 〔 "may" -adjective -natural_state 〕
majesta (majest'a)
mayest'a majestic (majest'a)
mayest'a stately (stat'a) majesta (majest'a)
memorfest'a commemorative (comemorat'a)
〔 "memorfest" -adjective 〕 〔 "memorf" -adjective -natural_state 〕
memorfesta (memorfest'a)
modest'a modest (modest'a)
〔 "modest" -adjective 〕 〔 "mod" -adjective -natural_state 〕
modesta (modest'a)
modest'a unassuming (unasuming'a) modesta (modest'a)
multpromes'a promising (promis'a)
〔 "multpromes" -adjective / "multprom" -adjective -owner / "multpr" -adjective -owner -degree / "multp" -adjective -owner -degree -head 〕
multpromesa (multpromes'a)
nenetses'a unnecessary (nenetses'a)
〔 none- "etses" -adjective / none- "ets" -adjective -owner 〕 〔 "nenetses" -adjective / "nenets" -adjective -owner / "nen" -adjective -owner -nominal_abstraction / no,_not- "nets" -adjective -owner / no,_not- "netses" -adjective / no,_not- "nets" -adjective -owner / no,_not- no,_not- "tses" -adjective 〕
nenecesa (nenetses'a)
nesuktses'a attempted (atempted'a)
〔 "nesuktses" -adjective / "nesukts" -adjective -owner / no,_not- "sukts" -adjective -owner / no,_not- "suktses" -adjective / no,_not- "sukts" -adjective -owner 〕
nesukcesa (nesukces'a)
nesuktses'a failed (failed'a) nesukcesa (nesukces'a)
netceest'a absent (netceest'a)
〔 "netceest" -adjective / no,_not- "tceest" -adjective / no,_not- at- "est" -adjective 〕 〔 "netce" -adjective -natural_state / no,_not- "tce" -adjective -natural_state 〕
neĉeesta (netceest'a)
netses'a involved (involved'a)
〔 "netses" -adjective / "nets" -adjective -owner / no,_not- "tses" -adjective 〕
necesa (neces'a)
netses'a necessary (neces'a) necesa (neces'a)
orkestr'a orchestral (ortcestr'a)
〔 "orkestr" -adjective / "ork" -adjective -leader / "orkest" -adjective -head 〕
orkestra (orkestr'a)
pest'a pestilent (pestilent'a)
〔 "pest" -adjective 〕
pest'a pestilent (pestilent'a)
pitoresk'a picturesque (picturesqu'a)
〔 "pitoresk" -adjective 〕
pitoreska (pitoresk'a)
pitoresk'a scenic (scenic'a) pitoreska (pitoresk'a)
plenkresk'a adult (adult'a)
〔 "plenkresk" -adjective 〕
plenkreska (plenkresk'a)
progres'a progressive (progres'a)
〔 "progres" -adjective / "progr" -adjective -owner / "prog" -adjective -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" -adjective 〕
progresa (progres'a)
promes'a promising (promis'a)
〔 "promes" -adjective / "prom" -adjective -owner / on_account_of- "mes" -adjective 〕
rest'a residual (rest'a)
〔 "rest" -adjective 〕
resta (rest'a)
semestr'a semiannual (semianual'a)
〔 "semestr" -adjective / "sem" -adjective -leader / "semest" -adjective -head 〕
semestra (semestr'a)
senfenestr'a windowless (windowles'a)
〔 "senfenestr" -adjective / "senfen" -adjective -leader / "senf" -adjective -leader -goal / without- "fen" -adjective -leader / "senfenest" -adjective -head / without- "fenest" -adjective -head / without- "fenestr" -adjective / without- "fen" -adjective -leader / without- "fenest" -adjective -head 〕
senfenestra (senfenestr'a)
sengest'a motionless (motionles'a)
〔 "sengest" -adjective / without- "gest" -adjective 〕 〔 "seng" -adjective -natural_state 〕
sengesta (sengest'a)
seninteres'a mundane (seninteres'a)
〔 "seninteres" -adjective / "seninter" -adjective -owner / "seninte" -adjective -owner -head / without- "inte" -adjective -owner -head / without- not_on_the_outside- "te" -adjective -owner -head / "senin" -adjective -owner -relational / "sen" -adjective -owner -relational -grammatical_feminine / without- "in" -adjective -owner -relational / "senint" -adjective -owner -element / without- "int" -adjective -owner -element / without- "inter" -adjective -owner / without- "inte" -adjective -owner -head / without- not_on_the_outside- "te" -adjective -owner -head / without- "in" -adjective -owner -relational / without- "int" -adjective -owner -element / without- not_on_the_outside- "ter" -adjective -owner / without- not_on_the_outside- "te" -adjective -owner -head / without- "interes" -adjective / without- "inter" -adjective -owner / without- "inte" -adjective -owner -head / without- not_on_the_outside- "te" -adjective -owner -head / without- "in" -adjective -owner -relational / without- "int" -adjective -owner -element / without- not_on_the_outside- "ter" -adjective -owner / without- not_on_the_outside- "te" -adjective -owner -head / without- not_on_the_outside- "teres" -adjective / without- not_on_the_outside- "ter" -adjective -owner / without- not_on_the_outside- "te" -adjective -owner -head / without- between- "es" -adjective 〕
seninteresa (seninteres'a)
sensuktses'a unsuccessful (unsuces'a)
〔 "sensuktses" -adjective / "sensukts" -adjective -owner / without- "sukts" -adjective -owner / without- "suktses" -adjective / without- "sukts" -adjective -owner 〕
sensukcesa (sensukces'a)
sentces'a ceaseless (ceaseles'a)
〔 "sentces" -adjective / "sentc" -adjective -owner / without- "tces" -adjective 〕
senĉesa (sentces'a)
sentces'a incessant (inces'a) senĉesa (sentces'a)
sentces'a nonstop (nons'a) senĉesa (sentces'a)
senvest'a naked (naked'a)
〔 "senvest" -adjective / without- "vest" -adjective 〕 〔 "senv" -adjective -natural_state 〕
senvesta (senvest'a)
senvest'a stripped (striped'a) senvesta (senvest'a)
ses'a sixth (ses'a)
〔 six--adjective 〕 〔 "ses" -adjective 〕
sesa (ses'a)
stres'a stressful (stres'a)
〔 "stres" -adjective 〕
stresa (stres'a)
suktses'a successful (suces'a)
〔 "suktses" -adjective / "sukts" -adjective -owner 〕
sukcesa (sukces'a)
tciopermes'a permissive (permis'a)
〔 "tciopermes" -adjective / "tcioperm" -adjective -owner 〕
ĉiopermesa (tciopermes'a)
tempest'a stormy (storm'a)
〔 "tempest" -adjective 〕 〔 "temp" -adjective -natural_state 〕
urbestr'a mayoral (mayor'a)
〔 "urbestr" -adjective / "urb" -adjective -leader / "urbest" -adjective -head 〕
urbestra (urbestr'a)
vest'a clothes (clox'a)
〔 "vest" -adjective 〕
yes'a positive (pos'a)
〔 "yes" -adjective 〕
jesa (jes'a)
agres'e aggressively (agres'e)
〔 "agres" -adverb / "agr" -adverb -owner / "ag" -adverb -owner -head 〕
belkresk'e beautifully (beautiful'e)
〔 "belkresk" -adverb 〕
belkreske (belkresk'e)
dekses'e sixteenth (dekses'e)
〔 ten- "ses" -adverb 〕 〔 "dekses" -adverb / "deks" -adverb -owner / of- "kses" -adverb 〕
deksese (dekses'e)
ekstses'e excessively (exces'e)
〔 "ekstses" -adverb / "eksts" -adverb -owner / outside- "tses" -adverb 〕
ekscese (eksces'e)
estr'e leadinglly (estr'e)
〔 "estr" -adverb / "est" -adverb -head 〕
estre (estr'e)
grotesk'e grotesque (grotesqu'e)
〔 "grotesk" -adverb 〕
honest'e honestly (honest'e)
〔 "honest" -adverb 〕 〔 "hon" -adverb -natural_state 〕
honeste (honest'e)
impres'e impressively (impres'e)
〔 some- "mpres" -adverb 〕 〔 "impres" -adverb / "impr" -adverb -owner / "imp" -adverb -owner -head 〕
imprese (impres'e)
interes'e interestingly (interes'e)
〔 some- "nteres" -adverb / some- "nter" -adverb -owner / some- "nte" -adverb -owner -head 〕 〔 "interes" -adverb / "inter" -adverb -owner / "inte" -adverb -owner -head / not_on_the_outside- "te" -adverb -owner -head / "in" -adverb -owner -relational / "int" -adverb -owner -element / not_on_the_outside- "ter" -adverb -owner / not_on_the_outside- "te" -adverb -owner -head / not_on_the_outside- "teres" -adverb / not_on_the_outside- "ter" -adverb -owner / not_on_the_outside- "te" -adverb -owner -head / between- "es" -adverb 〕
interese (interes'e)
kares'e tenderly (kares'e)
〔 "kares" -adverb / "kar" -adverb -owner / "ka" -adverb -owner -head 〕
karese (kares'e)
malhonest'e dishonestly (diconest'e)
〔 "malhonest" -adverb / opposite_of- "honest" -adverb 〕 〔 "malhon" -adverb -natural_state / "malh" -adverb -natural_state -part / opposite_of- "hon" -adverb -natural_state 〕
malhoneste (malhonest'e)
mayest'e majestically (majest'e)
〔 "mayest" -adverb 〕 〔 "may" -adverb -natural_state 〕
majeste (majest'e)
modest'e humbly (humbly'e)
〔 "modest" -adverb 〕 〔 "mod" -adverb -natural_state 〕
modeste (modest'e)
modest'e modestly (modest'e) modeste (modest'e)
nenetses'e unnecessarily (nenetses'e)
〔 none- "etses" -adverb / none- "ets" -adverb -owner 〕 〔 "nenetses" -adverb / "nenets" -adverb -owner / "nen" -adverb -owner -nominal_abstraction / no,_not- "nets" -adverb -owner / no,_not- "netses" -adverb / no,_not- "nets" -adverb -owner / no,_not- no,_not- "tses" -adverb 〕
nenecese (nenetses'e)
netses'e necessarily (neces'e)
〔 "netses" -adverb / "nets" -adverb -owner / no,_not- "tses" -adverb 〕
necese (neces'e)
netses'e needfully (ned'e) necese (neces'e)
pes'e by weight
〔 "pes" -adverb 〕
pes'e heavily (heavily'e)
pes'e weightedly (weiq'e)
pres'e in print
〔 "pres" -adverb 〕
presk'e nearly (nearly'e)
〔 "presk" -adverb 〕
preskaŭ (presk'e)
progres'e progressively (progres'e)
〔 "progres" -adverb / "progr" -adverb -owner / "prog" -adverb -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" -adverb 〕
progrese (progres'e)
protest'e protestingly (protest'e)
〔 "protest" -adverb / on_account_of- "test" -adverb 〕 〔 "prot" -adverb -natural_state 〕
sengest'e motionlessly (motionles'e)
〔 "sengest" -adverb / without- "gest" -adverb 〕 〔 "seng" -adverb -natural_state 〕
sengeste (sengest'e)
sentces'e ceaselessly (ceaseles'e)
〔 "sentces" -adverb / "sentc" -adverb -owner / without- "tces" -adverb 〕
senĉese (sentces'e)
sentces'e constantly (cons'e) senĉese (sentces'e)
sentces'e every now and again senĉese (sentces'e)
sentces'e incessantly (inces'e) senĉese (sentces'e)
sentces'e week in week out senĉese (sentces'e)
senvest'e unclothed (uncloxed'e)
〔 "senvest" -adverb / without- "vest" -adverb 〕 〔 "senv" -adverb -natural_state 〕
senveste (senvest'e)
ses'e sixthly (ses'e)
〔 six--adverb 〕 〔 "ses" -adverb 〕
sese (ses'e)
suktses'e successfully (suces'e)
〔 "suktses" -adverb / "sukts" -adverb -owner 〕
sukcese (sukces'e)
ties'e its (ties'e)
〔 "ties" -adverb / "ti" -adverb -owner / that- "es" -adverb 〕
ties (ties'e)
yes'e yes (yes'e)
〔 "yes" -adverb 〕
jes (jes'e)
yes'e yes (yes'e) jese (jes'e)
adres'i address (adres'i)
〔 "adres" -infinitive / "adr" -infinitive -owner / "ad" -infinitive -owner -head 〕
adresi (adres'i)
adres'i to address (adres'i)
agres'i to attack (atak'i)
〔 "agres" -infinitive / "agr" -infinitive -owner / "ag" -infinitive -owner -head 〕
alest'i present (alest'i)
〔 "alest" -infinitive / to_or_toward- "est" -infinitive 〕 〔 "al" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
alesti (alest'i)
alivest'i repackage (alivest'i)
〔 "alivest" -infinitive / to_or_toward- "ivest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "aliv" -infinitive -natural_state / "al" -infinitive -natural_state -knowledgable / to_or_toward- "iv" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
alivesti (alivest'i)
am'ux tces'i would love to stop
〔 "am" -conditional /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
apudest'i present (apudest'i)
〔 "apudest" -infinitive / beside- "est" -infinitive 〕 〔 "apud" -infinitive -natural_state / "ap" -infinitive -natural_state -key 〕
apudesti (apudest'i)
arest'i arrest (arest'i)
〔 "arest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "ar" -infinitive -natural_state / "a" -infinitive -natural_state -head 〕
aresti (arest'i)
arest'i to arrest (arest'i) aresti (arest'i)
atest'i attest (test'i)
〔 "atest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "at" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
atesti (atest'i)
atest'i certify (cert'i) atesti (atest'i)
atest'i testify (test'i) atesti (atest'i)
atest'i to testify (test'i) atesti (atest'i)
atest'i witness (wit'i) atesti (atest'i)
cat'ux tces'i would like to stop
〔 "cat" -conditional /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
cud'ax arest'i should arrest
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "arest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "ar" -infinitive -natural_state / "a" -infinitive -natural_state -head 〕
cud'ax atest'i should testify
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "atest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "at" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
cud'ax estr'i should head up
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "estr" -infinitive / "est" -infinitive -head 〕
cud'ax permes'i should permit
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "permes" -infinitive / "perm" -infinitive -owner / with- "mes" -infinitive 〕
cud'ax pes'i should weigh
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "pes" -infinitive 〕
cud'ax pres'i should print
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "pres" -infinitive 〕
cud'ax progres'i should progress
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "progres" -infinitive / "progr" -infinitive -owner / "prog" -infinitive -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" -infinitive 〕
cud'ax promes'i should promise
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "promes" -infinitive / "prom" -infinitive -owner / on_account_of- "mes" -infinitive 〕
cud'ax protest'i should protest
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "protest" -infinitive / on_account_of- "test" -infinitive 〕 〔 "prot" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
cud'ax rest'i should stay
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "rest" -infinitive 〕
cud'ax suktses'i should succeed
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "suktses" -infinitive / "sukts" -infinitive -owner 〕
cud'ax tces'i should cease
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
cud'ax vest'i should dress
〔 "cud" -present /+/ "vest" -infinitive 〕
cud'ax vest'i should get dressed
dev'ax arest'i must arrest
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "arest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "ar" -infinitive -natural_state / "a" -infinitive -natural_state -head 〕
dev'ax atest'i must testify
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "atest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "at" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
dev'ax permes'i must permit
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "permes" -infinitive / "perm" -infinitive -owner / with- "mes" -infinitive 〕
dev'ax pes'i must weigh
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "pes" -infinitive 〕
dev'ax pres'i must print
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "pres" -infinitive 〕
dev'ax progres'i must progress
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "progres" -infinitive / "progr" -infinitive -owner / "prog" -infinitive -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" -infinitive 〕
dev'ax promes'i must promise
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "promes" -infinitive / "prom" -infinitive -owner / on_account_of- "mes" -infinitive 〕
dev'ax protest'i must protest
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "protest" -infinitive / on_account_of- "test" -infinitive 〕 〔 "prot" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
dev'ax rest'i must stay
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "rest" -infinitive 〕
dev'ax suktses'i must succeed
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "suktses" -infinitive / "sukts" -infinitive -owner 〕
dev'ax tces'i must cease
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
dev'ax vest'i must dress
〔 "dev" -present /+/ "vest" -infinitive 〕
dev'ax vest'i must get dressed
dev'ix arest'i needed to arrest
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "arest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "ar" -infinitive -natural_state / "a" -infinitive -natural_state -head 〕
dev'ix atest'i needed to testify
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "atest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "at" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
dev'ix permes'i needed to permit
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "permes" -infinitive / "perm" -infinitive -owner / with- "mes" -infinitive 〕
dev'ix pes'i needed to weigh
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "pes" -infinitive 〕
dev'ix pres'i needed to print
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "pres" -infinitive 〕
dev'ix progres'i needed to progress
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "progres" -infinitive / "progr" -infinitive -owner / "prog" -infinitive -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" -infinitive 〕
dev'ix promes'i needed to promise
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "promes" -infinitive / "prom" -infinitive -owner / on_account_of- "mes" -infinitive 〕
dev'ix protest'i needed to protest
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "protest" -infinitive / on_account_of- "test" -infinitive 〕 〔 "prot" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
dev'ix rest'i needed to stay
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "rest" -infinitive 〕
dev'ix suktses'i needed to succeed
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "suktses" -infinitive / "sukts" -infinitive -owner 〕
dev'ix tces'i needed to cease
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
dev'ix vest'i needed to dress
〔 "dev" -past /+/ "vest" -infinitive 〕
dev'ix vest'i needed to get dressed
dev'ox arest'i will need to arrest
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "arest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "ar" -infinitive -natural_state / "a" -infinitive -natural_state -head 〕
dev'ox atest'i will need to testify
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "atest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "at" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
dev'ox permes'i will need to permit
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "permes" -infinitive / "perm" -infinitive -owner / with- "mes" -infinitive 〕
dev'ox pes'i will need to weigh
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "pes" -infinitive 〕
dev'ox pres'i will need to print
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "pres" -infinitive 〕
dev'ox progres'i will need to progress
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "progres" -infinitive / "progr" -infinitive -owner / "prog" -infinitive -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" -infinitive 〕
dev'ox promes'i will need to promise
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "promes" -infinitive / "prom" -infinitive -owner / on_account_of- "mes" -infinitive 〕
dev'ox protest'i will need to protest
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "protest" -infinitive / on_account_of- "test" -infinitive 〕 〔 "prot" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
dev'ox rest'i will need to stay
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "rest" -infinitive 〕
dev'ox suktses'i will need to succeed
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "suktses" -infinitive / "sukts" -infinitive -owner 〕
dev'ox tces'i will need to cease
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
dev'ox vest'i will need to dress
〔 "dev" -future /+/ "vest" -infinitive 〕
dev'ox vest'i will need to get dressed
digest'i digest (digest'i)
〔 "digest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "dig" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
digesti (digest'i)
digest'i to digest (digest'i) digesti (digest'i)
dres'i to train (train'i)
〔 "dres" -infinitive 〕
dresi (dres'i)
dres'i train (train'i) dresi (dres'i)
efervesk'i bubble (bubl'i)
〔 "efervesk" -infinitive 〕
eferveski (efervesk'i)
efervesk'i effervesce (efervesc'i) eferveski (efervesk'i)
ekest'i develop (ekest'i)
〔 "ekest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "ek" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
ekesti (ekest'i)
eknest'i nest (nest'i)
〔 "eknest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "ekn" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
eknesti (eknest'i)
elkresk'i flourish (elkresk'i)
〔 "elkresk" -infinitive / out_of- "kresk" -infinitive 〕
elkreski (elkresk'i)
em'ax tces'i tends to stop
〔 "em" -present /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
em'ix tces'i tended to stop
〔 "em" -past /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
em'ox tces'i will tend to stop
〔 "em" -future /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
em'ux tces'i would tend to stop
〔 "em" -conditional /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
est'i be (est'i)
〔 "est" -infinitive 〕
esti (est'i)
est'i been (est'i) esti (est'i)
est'i there be (est'i) esti (est'i)
est'i to be (est'i) esti (est'i)
est'i to be (est'i) esti (est'i)
estr'i govern (estr'i)
〔 "estr" -infinitive / "est" -infinitive -head 〕
estri (estr'i)
estr'i to flow (estr'i) (estr'i)
estr'i to head (estr'i) (estr'i)
estr'i to head up (estr'i) estri (estr'i)
fest'i celebrate (celebrat'i)
〔 "fest" -infinitive 〕
festi (fest'i)
fest'i to celebrate (celebrat'i) festi (fest'i)
forest'i miss (forest'i)
〔 "forest" -infinitive / away- "est" -infinitive 〕 〔 "for" -infinitive -natural_state / "fo" -infinitive -natural_state -head 〕
foresti (forest'i)
forges'i forget (forges'i)
〔 "forges" -infinitive / "forg" -infinitive -owner / away- "ges" -infinitive 〕
forgesi (forges'i)
forges'i to forget (forges'i) forgesi (forges'i)
forpermes'i dismiss (dismis'i)
〔 "forpermes" -infinitive / "forperm" -infinitive -owner / away- "perm" -infinitive -owner / away- "permes" -infinitive / away- "perm" -infinitive -owner / away- with- "mes" -infinitive 〕
forpermesi (forpermes'i)
gest'i wave (wav'i)
〔 "gest" -infinitive 〕
gesti (gest'i)
impres'i impress (impres'i)
〔 some- "mpres" -infinitive 〕 〔 "impres" -infinitive / "impr" -infinitive -owner / "imp" -infinitive -owner -head 〕
impresi (impres'i)
impres'i to impress (impres'i)
infest'i infest (infest'i)
〔 some- "nfest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "infest" -infinitive / not_on_the_outside- "fest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "inf" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
infesti (infest'i)
ingest'i ingest (ingest'i)
〔 some- "ngest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "ingest" -infinitive / not_on_the_outside- "gest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "ing" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
ingesti (ingest'i)
inspektatest'i to certify (cert'i)
〔 some- "nspektatest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "inspektatest" -infinitive / not_on_the_outside- "spektatest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "inspektat" -infinitive -natural_state / "inspekt" -infinitive -natural_state -happening / not_on_the_outside- "spekt" -infinitive -natural_state -happening / not_on_the_outside- "spektat" -infinitive -natural_state / not_on_the_outside- "spekt" -infinitive -natural_state -happening 〕
inspektatesti (inspektatest'i)
interes'i to interest (interes'i)
〔 some- "nteres" -infinitive / some- "nter" -infinitive -owner / some- "nte" -infinitive -owner -head 〕 〔 "interes" -infinitive / "inter" -infinitive -owner / "inte" -infinitive -owner -head / not_on_the_outside- "te" -infinitive -owner -head / "in" -infinitive -owner -relational / "int" -infinitive -owner -element / not_on_the_outside- "ter" -infinitive -owner / not_on_the_outside- "te" -infinitive -owner -head / not_on_the_outside- "teres" -infinitive / not_on_the_outside- "ter" -infinitive -owner / not_on_the_outside- "te" -infinitive -owner -head / between- "es" -infinitive 〕
interesi (interes'i)
invest'i to invest (invest'i)
〔 some- "nvest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "invest" -infinitive / not_on_the_outside- "vest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "inv" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
investi (invest'i)
jurpromes'i to pledge (pledg'i)
〔 "jurpromes" -infinitive / "jurprom" -infinitive -owner / "jurpr" -infinitive -owner -degree / "jurp" -infinitive -owner -degree -head 〕
ĵurpromesi (jurpromes'i)
kacvest'i to disguise (disguis'i)
〔 "kacvest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "kacv" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
kaŝvesti (kacvest'i)
kapyes'i to nod (nod'i)
〔 "kapyes" -infinitive / "kapy" -infinitive -owner 〕
kapjesi (kapjes'i)
kares'i to caress (kares'i)
〔 "kares" -infinitive / "kar" -infinitive -owner / "ka" -infinitive -owner -head 〕
karesi (kares'i)
kares'i to fondle (kares'i) karesi (kares'i)
kares'i to stroke (kares'i) karesi (kares'i)
konfes'i to confess (confes'i)
〔 "konfes" -infinitive / "konf" -infinitive -owner 〕
konfesi (konfes'i)
kontest'i to impugn (impugn'i)
〔 "kontest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "kont" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
kontesti (kontest'i)
kontest'i to protest (protest'i) kontesti (kontest'i)
kresk'i to grow (kresk'i)
〔 "kresk" -infinitive 〕
kreski (kresk'i)
kud'ax tces'i could stop
〔 "kud" -present /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
kvest'i to fundraise (fundrais'i)
〔 "kvest" -infinitive 〕
kvesti (kvest'i)
kvest'i to solicit (solicit'i) kvesti (kvest'i)
malest'i to lack (malest'i)
〔 "malest" -infinitive / opposite_of- "est" -infinitive 〕 〔 "mal" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
malesti (malest'i)
malkonfes'i to abjure (abjur'i)
〔 "malkonfes" -infinitive / "malkonf" -infinitive -owner / opposite_of- "konf" -infinitive -owner / opposite_of- "konfes" -infinitive / opposite_of- "konf" -infinitive -owner 〕
malkonfesi (malkonfes'i)
malkonfes'i to recant (recant'i) malkonfesi (malkonfes'i)
malkonfes'i to refuse (refus'i) malkonfesi (malkonfes'i)
malkonfes'i to repudiate (repudiat'i) malkonfesi (malkonfes'i)
malkresk'i to diminish (malkresk'i)
〔 "malkresk" -infinitive / opposite_of- "kresk" -infinitive 〕
malkreski (malkresk'i)
malkresk'i to dwindle (malkresk'i) malkreski (malkresk'i)
malkresk'i to ebb (malkresk'i) malkreski (malkresk'i)
malkresk'i to wane (malkresk'i) malkreski (malkresk'i)
malpermes'i to ban (ban'i)
〔 "malpermes" -infinitive / "malperm" -infinitive -owner / opposite_of- "perm" -infinitive -owner / opposite_of- "permes" -infinitive / opposite_of- "perm" -infinitive -owner / opposite_of- with- "mes" -infinitive 〕
malpermesi (malpermes'i)
malpermes'i to forbid (forbid'i) malpermesi (malpermes'i)
malpermes'i to prohibit (prohibit'i) malpermesi (malpermes'i)
malpermes'i to proscribe (pros'i) malpermesi (malpermes'i)
malprogres'i to decline (declin'i)
〔 "malprogres" -infinitive / "malprogr" -infinitive -owner / "malprog" -infinitive -owner -head / "malpr" -infinitive -owner -head -construct / "malp" -infinitive -owner -head -construct -head / opposite_of- "prog" -infinitive -owner -head / opposite_of- "progr" -infinitive -owner / opposite_of- "prog" -infinitive -owner -head / opposite_of- "progres" -infinitive / opposite_of- "progr" -infinitive -owner / opposite_of- "prog" -infinitive -owner -head / opposite_of- on_account_of- "gres" -infinitive 〕
malprogresi (malprogres'i)
malsuktses'i to fail (fail'i)
〔 "malsuktses" -infinitive / "malsukts" -infinitive -owner / opposite_of- "sukts" -infinitive -owner / opposite_of- "suktses" -infinitive / opposite_of- "sukts" -infinitive -owner 〕
malsukcesi (malsukces'i)
malsuktses'i to flop (flop'i) malsukcesi (malsukces'i)
malvest'i to undress (undres'i)
〔 "malvest" -infinitive / opposite_of- "vest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "malv" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
malvesti (malvest'i)
manifest'i to manifest (manifest'i)
〔 "manifest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "manif" -infinitive -natural_state / "man" -infinitive -natural_state -change_into 〕
manifesti (manifest'i)
maskovest'i to disguise (disguis'i)
〔 "maskovest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "maskov" -infinitive -natural_state / "mask" -infinitive -natural_state -ready 〕
maskovesti (maskovest'i)
memorfest'i to commemorate (comemorat'i)
〔 "memorfest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "memorf" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
memorfesti (memorfest'i)
molest'i to harass (haras'i)
〔 "molest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "mol" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
molesti (molest'i)
molest'i to molest (molest'i) molesti (molest'i)
nest'i to nest (nest'i)
〔 "nest" -infinitive 〕
nesti (nest'i)
orkestr'i to orchestrate (ortcestr'i)
〔 "orkestr" -infinitive / "ork" -infinitive -leader / "orkest" -infinitive -head 〕
orkestri (orkestr'i)
permes'i to allow (alow'i)
〔 "permes" -infinitive / "perm" -infinitive -owner / with- "mes" -infinitive 〕
permesi (permes'i)
permes'i to permit (permit'i) permesi (permes'i)
pes'i to weigh (weiq'i)
〔 "pes" -infinitive 〕
pesi (pes'i)
pes'i to weigh (weiq'i)
postrest'i to lag (postrest'i)
〔 "postrest" -infinitive / at_the_rate_of- "strest" -infinitive / after- "rest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "postr" -infinitive -natural_state / "post" -infinitive -natural_state -head 〕
postresti (postrest'i)
postrest'i to loiter (postrest'i) postresti (postrest'i)
pov'ax tces'i can stop
〔 "pov" -present /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
pov'ix tces'i was able to stop
〔 "pov" -past /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
pov'ox tces'i will be able to stop
〔 "pov" -future /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
pres'i to print (print'i)
〔 "pres" -infinitive 〕
presi (pres'i)
pres'i to print (print'i)
progres'i to progress (progres'i)
〔 "progres" -infinitive / "progr" -infinitive -owner / "prog" -infinitive -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" -infinitive 〕
progres'i to progress (progres'i) progresi (progres'i)
promes'i to pledge (pledg'i)
〔 "promes" -infinitive / "prom" -infinitive -owner / on_account_of- "mes" -infinitive 〕
promesi (promes'i)
promes'i to promise (promis'i) promesi (promes'i)
promes'i to promise (promis'i) promesi (promes'i)
protest'i to protest (protest'i)
〔 "protest" -infinitive / on_account_of- "test" -infinitive 〕 〔 "prot" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
protesti (protest'i)
protses'i to process (proces'i)
〔 "protses" -infinitive / "prots" -infinitive -owner / on_account_of- "tses" -infinitive 〕
procesi (proces'i)
readres'i to forward (forward'i)
〔 "readres" -infinitive / "readr" -infinitive -owner / "read" -infinitive -owner -head / "re" -infinitive -owner -head -ongoing 〕
readresi (readres'i)
regres'i to decline (declin'i)
〔 "regres" -infinitive / "regr" -infinitive -owner / "reg" -infinitive -owner -head 〕
regresi (regres'i)
regres'i to regress (regres'i) regresi (regres'i)
repermes'i to restore (res'i)
〔 "repermes" -infinitive / "reperm" -infinitive -owner 〕
repermesi (repermes'i)
repres'i to reprint (reprint'i)
〔 "repres" -infinitive / "repr" -infinitive -owner / "rep" -infinitive -owner -head 〕
represi (repres'i)
rest'i to lie (rest'i)
〔 "rest" -infinitive 〕
resti (rest'i)
rest'i to remain (rest'i) resti (rest'i)
rest'i to rest (rest'i) resti (rest'i)
rest'i to stay (rest'i) resti (rest'i)
rimes'i to remit (remit'i)
〔 "rimes" -infinitive / "rim" -infinitive -owner 〕
rimesi (rimes'i)
sekvestr'i to seize (seiz'i)
〔 "sekvestr" -infinitive / "sekv" -infinitive -leader / "sekvest" -infinitive -head 〕
sekvestri (sekvestr'i)
sugest'i to hint (hint'i)
〔 "sugest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "sug" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
sugesti (sugest'i)
sugest'i to suggest (sugest'i) sugesti (sugest'i)
suktses'i to achieve (atciev'i)
〔 "suktses" -infinitive / "sukts" -infinitive -owner 〕
suktses'i to fare (far'i) sukcesi (sukces'i)
suktses'i to succeed (suced'i) sukcesi (sukces'i)
superkresk'i to outgrow (superkresk'i)
〔 "superkresk" -infinitive / above- "kresk" -infinitive 〕
superkreski (superkresk'i)
tceest'i to attend (tceest'i)
〔 "tceest" -infinitive / at- "est" -infinitive 〕 〔 "tce" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
ĉeesti (tceest'i)
tces'i to cease (ceas'i)
〔 "tces" -infinitive 〕
ĉesi (tces'i)
tces'i to cease (ceas'i)
tces'i to end (end'i) ĉesi (tces'i)
tces'i to quit (quit'i) ĉesi (tces'i)
tces'i to stop (stop'i)
test'i to test (test'i)
〔 "test" -infinitive 〕
testi (test'i)
tsheest'i to assist (asist'i)
〔 "tsheest" -infinitive 〕 〔 "tshe" -infinitive -natural_state 〕
cheesti (chest'i)
vest'i to clothe (clox'i)
〔 "vest" -infinitive 〕
vesti (vest'i)
vest'i to dress (dres'i) vesti (vest'i)
vest'i to dress (dres'i) vesti (vest'i)
vest'i to get dressed
vol'ax tces'i want to stop
〔 "vol" -present /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
vol'int tces'i had been wanting to stop
〔 "vol" -active_past /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
vol'ix tces'i wanted to stop
〔 "vol" -past /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
vol'ont tces'i will be wanting to stop
〔 "vol" -active_future /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
vol'ox tces'i will want to stop
〔 "vol" -future /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
vol'unt tces'i would be wanting to stop
〔 "vol" -active_conditional /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
wil'ax tces'i will stop
〔 "wil" -present /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
wud'ax tces'i would stop
〔 "wud" -present /+/ "tces" -infinitive 〕
yes'i do (do'i)
〔 "yes" -infinitive 〕
jesi (jes'i)
abstses'o abscess (absces'o)
〔 "abstses" -substantive / "absts" -substantive -owner 〕
absceso (absces'o)
adolesk'o adolescence (adolescenc'o)
〔 "adolesk" -substantive 〕
adres'o address (adres'o)
〔 "adres" -substantive / "adr" -substantive -owner / "ad" -substantive -owner -head 〕
adreso (adres'o)
agres'o aggression (agres'o)
〔 "agres" -substantive / "agr" -substantive -owner / "ag" -substantive -owner -head 〕
agreso (agres'o)
alest'o presence (alest'o)
〔 "alest" -substantive / to_or_toward- "est" -substantive 〕 〔 "al" -substantive -natural_state 〕
alesto (alest'o)
apudest'o presence (apudest'o)
〔 "apudest" -substantive / beside- "est" -substantive 〕 〔 "apud" -substantive -natural_state / "ap" -substantive -natural_state -key 〕
apudesto (apudest'o)
arbalest'o crossbow (crosbow'o)
〔 "arbalest" -substantive 〕 〔 "arbal" -substantive -natural_state / "arb" -substantive -natural_state -reason 〕
arbalesto (arbalest'o)
arest'o apprehension (aprehension'o)
〔 "arest" -substantive 〕 〔 "ar" -substantive -natural_state / "a" -substantive -natural_state -head 〕
aresto (arest'o)
arest'o arrest (arest'o) aresto (arest'o)
asbest'o asbestos (asbest'o)
〔 "asbest" -substantive 〕 〔 "asb" -substantive -natural_state 〕
asbesto (asbest'o)
atest'o certificate (cert'o)
〔 "atest" -substantive 〕 〔 "at" -substantive -natural_state 〕
atesto (atest'o)
atest'o reference (referenc'o) atesto (atest'o)
atest'o testimony (test'o) atesto (atest'o)
best'o animal (animal'o)
〔 "best" -substantive 〕
besto (best'o)
best'o beast (beast'o) besto (best'o)
best'o creature (creat'o) besto (best'o)
brustvest'o top (top'o)
〔 "brustvest" -substantive 〕 〔 "brustv" -substantive -natural_state 〕
brustvesto (brustvest'o)
cipestr'o captain (captain'o)
〔 "cipestr" -substantive / "cip" -substantive -leader / "cipest" -substantive -head 〕
ŝipestro (cipestr'o)
culdatest'o debenture (debent'o)
〔 "culdatest" -substantive 〕 〔 "culdat" -substantive -natural_state / "culd" -substantive -natural_state -happening 〕
ŝuldatesto (culdatest'o)
digest'o digestion (digest'o)
〔 "digest" -substantive 〕 〔 "dig" -substantive -natural_state 〕
digesto (digest'o)
efervesk'o effervescence (efervesc'o)
〔 "efervesk" -substantive 〕
efervesko (efervesk'o)
eknest'o nesting (nest'o)
〔 "eknest" -substantive 〕 〔 "ekn" -substantive -natural_state 〕
eknesto (eknest'o)
ekstses'o excess (exces'o)
〔 "ekstses" -substantive / "eksts" -substantive -owner / outside- "tses" -substantive 〕
eksceso (eksces'o)
est'o being (est'o)
〔 "est" -substantive 〕
estr'o a boss (estr'o)
〔 "estr" -substantive / "est" -substantive -head 〕
estro (estr'o)
estr'o boss (estr'o) estro (estr'o)
estr'o head (estr'o) (estr'o)
estr'o leader (estr'o) estro (estr'o)
fakultatestr'o dean (dean'o)
〔 "fakultatestr" -substantive / "fakultat" -substantive -leader / "fakult" -substantive -leader -happening / "fakultatest" -substantive -head 〕
fakultatestro (fakultatestr'o)
fenestr'o window (window'o)
〔 "fenestr" -substantive / "fen" -substantive -leader / "fenest" -substantive -head 〕
fenestro (fenestr'o)
fest'o celebration (celebrat'o)
〔 "fest" -substantive 〕
festo (fest'o)
fest'o fest (fest'o) festo (fest'o)
fest'o festival (fest'o) festo (fest'o)
fest'o gala (gal'o) festo (fest'o)
firmaestr'o boss (bos'o)
〔 "firmaestr" -substantive / "firma" -substantive -leader / "firmaest" -substantive -head 〕
firmaestro (firmaestr'o)
fluoresk'o fluorescence (fluorescenc'o)
〔 "fluoresk" -substantive 〕
fluoresko (fluoresk'o)
forest'o absence (forest'o)
〔 "forest" -substantive / away- "est" -substantive 〕 〔 "for" -substantive -natural_state / "fo" -substantive -natural_state -head 〕
foresto (forest'o)
forges'o oblivion (forges'o)
〔 "forges" -substantive / "forg" -substantive -owner / away- "ges" -substantive 〕
forgeso (forges'o)
forpermes'o dismissal (dismis'o)
〔 "forpermes" -substantive / "forperm" -substantive -owner / away- "perm" -substantive -owner / away- "permes" -substantive / away- "perm" -substantive -owner / away- with- "mes" -substantive 〕
forpermeso (forpermes'o)
forpermes'o leave (leav'o) forpermeso (forpermes'o)
fresk'o fresco (fresc'o)
〔 "fresk" -substantive 〕
fresko (fresk'o)
frostabstses'o chilblain (tcilblain'o)
〔 "frostabstses" -substantive / "frostabsts" -substantive -owner 〕
frostabsceso (frostabsces'o)
gest'o gesture (gest'o)
〔 "gest" -substantive 〕
gesto (gest'o)
glatsikest'o freezer (frezer'o)
〔 "glatsikest" -substantive 〕 〔 "glatsik" -substantive -natural_state / "glats" -substantive -natural_state -reminiscent_of 〕
glacikesto (glacikest'o)
gres'o grass (gras'o)
〔 "gres" -substantive 〕
greso (gres'o)
guberniestr'o governor (governor'o)
〔 "guberniestr" -substantive / "guberni" -substantive -leader / "guberniest" -substantive -head 〕
guberniestro (guberniestr'o)
heymbest'o pet (pet'o)
〔 "heymbest" -substantive 〕 〔 "heymb" -substantive -natural_state 〕
hejmbesto (hejmbest'o)
homest'o human being (homest'o)
〔 "homest" -substantive 〕 〔 "hom" -substantive -natural_state 〕
honest'o honesty (honest'o)
〔 "honest" -substantive 〕 〔 "hon" -substantive -natural_state 〕
imperiestr'o emperor (emperor'o)
〔 some- "mperiestr" -substantive / some- "mperi" -substantive -leader / some- "mperiest" -substantive -head 〕 〔 "imperiestr" -substantive / "imperi" -substantive -leader / "imperiest" -substantive -head 〕
imperiestro (imperiestr'o)
impres'o impression (impres'o)
〔 some- "mpres" -substantive 〕 〔 "impres" -substantive / "impr" -substantive -owner / "imp" -substantive -owner -head 〕
impreso (impres'o)
inspektatest'o certification (cert'o)
〔 some- "nspektatest" -substantive 〕 〔 "inspektatest" -substantive / not_on_the_outside- "spektatest" -substantive 〕 〔 "inspektat" -substantive -natural_state / "inspekt" -substantive -natural_state -happening / not_on_the_outside- "spekt" -substantive -natural_state -happening / not_on_the_outside- "spektat" -substantive -natural_state / not_on_the_outside- "spekt" -substantive -natural_state -happening 〕
inspektatesto (inspektatest'o)
interes'o interest (interes'o)
〔 some- "nteres" -substantive / some- "nter" -substantive -owner / some- "nte" -substantive -owner -head 〕 〔 "interes" -substantive / "inter" -substantive -owner / "inte" -substantive -owner -head / not_on_the_outside- "te" -substantive -owner -head / "in" -substantive -owner -relational / "int" -substantive -owner -element / not_on_the_outside- "ter" -substantive -owner / not_on_the_outside- "te" -substantive -owner -head / not_on_the_outside- "teres" -substantive / not_on_the_outside- "ter" -substantive -owner / not_on_the_outside- "te" -substantive -owner -head / between- "es" -substantive 〕
intereso (interes'o)
interes'o stake (interes'o) intereso (interes'o)
intest'o bowel (bowel'o)
〔 some- "ntest" -substantive 〕 〔 "intest" -substantive / not_on_the_outside- "test" -substantive 〕 〔 "int" -substantive -natural_state 〕
intesto (intest'o)
invest'o investment (invest'o)
〔 some- "nvest" -substantive 〕 〔 "invest" -substantive / not_on_the_outside- "vest" -substantive 〕 〔 "inv" -substantive -natural_state 〕
investo (invest'o)
jurpromes'o pledge (pledg'o)
〔 "jurpromes" -substantive / "jurprom" -substantive -owner / "jurpr" -substantive -owner -degree / "jurp" -substantive -owner -degree -head 〕
ĵurpromeso (jurpromes'o)
kacvest'o disguise (disguis'o)
〔 "kacvest" -substantive 〕 〔 "kacv" -substantive -natural_state 〕
kaŝvesto (kacvest'o)
kapyes'o nod (nod'o)
〔 "kapyes" -substantive / "kapy" -substantive -owner 〕
kapjeso (kapjes'o)
kermes'o fair (fair'o)
〔 "kermes" -substantive / "kerm" -substantive -owner 〕
kermeso (kermes'o)
kest'o ark (ark'o)
〔 "kest" -substantive 〕
kesto (kest'o)
kest'o box (box'o) kesto (kest'o)
kest'o crate (crat'o) kesto (kest'o)
kieest'o location (locat'o)
〔 "kieest" -substantive / what- "eest" -substantive 〕 〔 "kie" -substantive -natural_state / what- "e" -substantive -natural_state 〕
kieesto (kiest'o)
komisionestr'o commissioner (comisioner'o)
〔 "komisionestr" -substantive / "komision" -substantive -leader / "komisi" -substantive -leader -part / "komisionest" -substantive -head 〕
komisionestro (komisionestr'o)
kompaniestr'o boss (bos'o)
〔 "kompaniestr" -substantive / "kompani" -substantive -leader / "kompaniest" -substantive -head 〕
kompaniestro (kompaniestr'o)
kompres'o dressing (dres'o)
〔 "kompres" -substantive / "kompr" -substantive -owner / "komp" -substantive -owner -head 〕
kompreso (kompres'o)
komunumestr'o mayor (mayor'o)
〔 "komunumestr" -substantive / "komunum" -substantive -leader / "komun" -substantive -leader -derivation / "kom" -substantive -leader -derivation -solidarity / "komunumest" -substantive -head 〕
komunumestro (komunumestr'o)
konfes'o confession (confes'o)
〔 "konfes" -substantive / "konf" -substantive -owner 〕
konfeso (konfes'o)
kongest'o congestion (congest'o)
〔 "kongest" -substantive 〕 〔 "kong" -substantive -natural_state 〕
kongesto (kongest'o)
kongres'o congress (congres'o)
〔 "kongres" -substantive / "kongr" -substantive -owner / "kong" -substantive -owner -head 〕
kongreso (kongres'o)
kongres'o congress (congres'o)
kongres'o convention (convention'o) kongreso (kongres'o)
kontest'o challenge (tcaleng'o)
〔 "kontest" -substantive 〕 〔 "kont" -substantive -natural_state 〕
kontesto (kontest'o)
konvalesk'o convalescence (convalescenc'o)
〔 "konvalesk" -substantive 〕
konvalesko (konvalesk'o)
kradkest'o crate (crat'o)
〔 "kradkest" -substantive 〕 〔 "kradk" -substantive -natural_state 〕
kradkesto (kradkest'o)
kredkonfes'o creed (cred'o)
〔 "kredkonfes" -substantive / "kredkonf" -substantive -owner 〕
kredkonfeso (kredkonfes'o)
kresk'o growth (kresk'o)
〔 "kresk" -substantive 〕
kresko (kresk'o)
kresk'o increase (kresk'o) kresko (kresk'o)
kresp'o pancake (pancak'o)
〔 "kresp" -substantive 〕
krespo (kresp'o)
krest'o crest (crest'o)
〔 "krest" -substantive 〕
kresto (krest'o)
kvest'o appeal (apeal'o)
〔 "kvest" -substantive 〕
kvesto (kvest'o)
kvest'o fundraising (fundrais'o) kvesto (kvest'o)
lerneyestr'o head (head'o)
〔 "lerneyestr" -substantive / "lerney" -substantive -leader / "lern" -substantive -leader -place / "lerneyest" -substantive -head 〕
lernejestro (lernejestr'o)
lerneyestr'o headmaster (head'o) lernejestro (lernejestr'o)
leterkest'o mailbox (mailbox'o)
〔 "leterkest" -substantive 〕 〔 "leterk" -substantive -natural_state 〕
leterkesto (leterkest'o)
lokomotivestr'o engineer (enginer'o)
〔 "lokomotivestr" -substantive / "lokomotiv" -substantive -leader / "lokomot" -substantive -leader -knowledgable / "lokom" -substantive -leader -knowledgable -upcoming / "lok" -substantive -leader -knowledgable -upcoming -degree / "lokomotivest" -substantive -head 〕
lokomotivestro (lokomotivestr'o)
makonfes'o recantation (recantation'o)
〔 "makonfes" -substantive / "makonf" -substantive -owner 〕
makonfeso (makonfes'o)
malest'o absence (malest'o)
〔 "malest" -substantive / opposite_of- "est" -substantive 〕 〔 "mal" -substantive -natural_state 〕
malesto (malest'o)
malkonfes'o abjuration (abjur'o)
〔 "malkonfes" -substantive / "malkonf" -substantive -owner / opposite_of- "konf" -substantive -owner / opposite_of- "konfes" -substantive / opposite_of- "konf" -substantive -owner 〕
malkonfeso (malkonfes'o)
malkonfes'o refusal (refus'o) malkonfeso (malkonfes'o)
malkonfes'o repudiation (repudiat'o) malkonfeso (malkonfes'o)
malkresk'o decrease (malkresk'o)
〔 "malkresk" -substantive / opposite_of- "kresk" -substantive 〕
malkresko (malkresk'o)
malpermes'o ban (ban'o)
〔 "malpermes" -substantive / "malperm" -substantive -owner / opposite_of- "perm" -substantive -owner / opposite_of- "permes" -substantive / opposite_of- "perm" -substantive -owner / opposite_of- with- "mes" -substantive 〕
malpermeso (malpermes'o)
malpermes'o prohibition (prohibit'o) malpermeso (malpermes'o)
malpermes'o proscription (pros'o) malpermeso (malpermes'o)
malprogres'o decline (declin'o)
〔 "malprogres" -substantive / "malprogr" -substantive -owner / "malprog" -substantive -owner -head / "malpr" -substantive -owner -head -construct / "malp" -substantive -owner -head -construct -head / opposite_of- "prog" -substantive -owner -head / opposite_of- "progr" -substantive -owner / opposite_of- "prog" -substantive -owner -head / opposite_of- "progres" -substantive / opposite_of- "progr" -substantive -owner / opposite_of- "prog" -substantive -owner -head / opposite_of- on_account_of- "gres" -substantive 〕
malprogreso (malprogres'o)
malsuktses'o failure (fail'o)
〔 "malsuktses" -substantive / "malsukts" -substantive -owner / opposite_of- "sukts" -substantive -owner / opposite_of- "suktses" -substantive / opposite_of- "sukts" -substantive -owner 〕
malsukceso (malsukces'o)
malsuktses'o flop (flop'o) malsukceso (malsukces'o)
maltceest'o absence (maltceest'o)
〔 "maltceest" -substantive / opposite_of- "tceest" -substantive / opposite_of- at- "est" -substantive 〕 〔 "maltce" -substantive -natural_state / opposite_of- "tce" -substantive -natural_state 〕
malĉeesto (maltceest'o)
manifest'o manifesto (manifest'o)
〔 "manifest" -substantive 〕 〔 "manif" -substantive -natural_state / "man" -substantive -natural_state -change_into 〕
manifesto (manifest'o)
manvest'o mitten (mit'o)
〔 "manvest" -substantive 〕 〔 "manv" -substantive -natural_state 〕
manvesto (manvest'o)
maskovest'o costume (cost'o)
〔 "maskovest" -substantive 〕 〔 "maskov" -substantive -natural_state / "mask" -substantive -natural_state -ready 〕
maskovesto (maskovest'o)
maskvest'o costume (cost'o)
〔 "maskvest" -substantive 〕 〔 "maskv" -substantive -natural_state 〕
maskvesto (maskvest'o)
mayest'o majesty (majest'o)
〔 "mayest" -substantive 〕 〔 "may" -substantive -natural_state 〕
majesto (majest'o)
mes'o mass (mas'o)
〔 "mes" -substantive 〕
meso (mes'o)
mezlerneyestr'o principal (principal'o)
〔 "mezlerneyestr" -substantive / "mezlerney" -substantive -leader / "mezlern" -substantive -leader -place / "mezlerneyest" -substantive -head 〕
mezlernejestro (mezlernejestr'o)
militestr'o commander (comander'o)
〔 "militestr" -substantive / "milit" -substantive -leader / "mil" -substantive -leader -done / first_person- "lit" -substantive -leader / "militest" -substantive -head / first_person- "litest" -substantive -head / first_person- third_person- "test" -substantive -head / 1/1000- "test" -substantive -head / first_person- "litestr" -substantive / first_person- "lit" -substantive -leader / first_person- "litest" -substantive -head / first_person- third_person- "test" -substantive -head / first_person- third_person- "testr" -substantive / first_person- third_person- "test" -substantive -head / 1/1000- "testr" -substantive / 1/1000- "test" -substantive -head 〕
militestro (militestr'o)
misdigest'o indigestion (indigest'o)
〔 "misdigest" -substantive / first_person- "sdigest" -substantive / incorrect- "digest" -substantive 〕 〔 "misdig" -substantive -natural_state / "misd" -substantive -natural_state -cause_to_become / first_person- "sdig" -substantive -natural_state / incorrect- "dig" -substantive -natural_state 〕
misdigesto (misdigest'o)
modest'o modesty (modest'o)
〔 "modest" -substantive 〕 〔 "mod" -substantive -natural_state 〕
montrofenestr'o window (window'o)
〔 "montrofenestr" -substantive / "montrofen" -substantive -leader / "montrof" -substantive -leader -goal / "montr" -substantive -leader -goal -change_from / "mont" -substantive -leader -goal -change_from -head / "montrofenest" -substantive -head 〕
montrofenestro (montrofenestr'o)
nadjvest'o swimsuit (swimsuit'o)
〔 "nadjvest" -substantive 〕 〔 "nadjv" -substantive -natural_state 〕
naĝvesto (nadjvest'o)
neest'o absence (neest'o)
〔 "neest" -substantive / no,_not- "est" -substantive 〕 〔 "ne" -substantive -natural_state 〕
neesto (neest'o)
nest'o den (den'o)
〔 "nest" -substantive 〕
nesto (nest'o)
nest'o nest (nest'o) nesto (nest'o)
netses'o necessity (neces'o)
〔 "netses" -substantive / "nets" -substantive -owner / no,_not- "tses" -substantive 〕
neceso (neces'o)
netses'o need (ned'o) neceso (neces'o)
oestr'o estrus (oestr'o)
〔 "oestr" -substantive / "o" -substantive -leader / "oest" -substantive -head 〕
oestro (oestr'o)
ordenvest'o habit (habit'o)
〔 "ordenvest" -substantive 〕 〔 "ordenv" -substantive -natural_state 〕
ordenvesto (ordenvest'o)
orkestestr'o conductor (conductor'o)
〔 "orkestestr" -substantive / "orkest" -substantive -leader / "orkestest" -substantive -head 〕
orkestestro (orkestestr'o)
orkestr'o orchestra (ortcestr'o)
〔 "orkestr" -substantive / "ork" -substantive -leader / "orkest" -substantive -head 〕
orkestro (orkestr'o)
pakkest'o crate (crat'o)
〔 "pakkest" -substantive 〕 〔 "pakk" -substantive -natural_state 〕
pakkesto (pakest'o)
palimpsest'o palimpsest (palimpsest'o)
〔 "palimpsest" -substantive 〕 〔 "palimps" -substantive -natural_state 〕
palimpsesto (palimpsest'o)
parokestr'o rector (parokestr'o)
〔 "parokestr" -substantive / "parok" -substantive -leader / "par" -substantive -leader -false / "pa" -substantive -leader -false -head / "parokest" -substantive -head 〕
parokestro (parokestr'o)
parokestr'o vicar (parokestr'o) parokestro (parokestr'o)
paroqestr'o incumbent (incumbent'o)
〔 "paroqestr" -substantive / "paroq" -substantive -leader / "paroqest" -substantive -head 〕
paroĥestro (paroqestr'o)
paspermes'o pass (pas'o)
〔 "paspermes" -substantive / "pasperm" -substantive -owner 〕
paspermeso (paspermes'o)
patrinobest'o dam (dam'o)
〔 "patrinobest" -substantive 〕 〔 "patrinob" -substantive -natural_state 〕
patrinobesto (patrinobest'o)
permes'o dispensation (dispens'o)
〔 "permes" -substantive / "perm" -substantive -owner / with- "mes" -substantive 〕
permeso (permes'o)
permes'o permission (permis'o) permeso (permes'o)
poctkest'o box (box'o)
〔 "poctkest" -substantive / at_the_rate_of- "ctkest" -substantive 〕 〔 "poctk" -substantive -natural_state 〕
poŝtkesto (poctkest'o)
pres'o press (pres'o)
〔 "pres" -substantive 〕
preso (pres'o)
pres'o printing (print'o) preso (pres'o)
prizonestr'o warden (war'o)
〔 "prizonestr" -substantive / "prizon" -substantive -leader / "priz" -substantive -leader -part / about- "zon" -substantive -leader / "prizonest" -substantive -head / about- "zonest" -substantive -head / about- "zonestr" -substantive / about- "zon" -substantive -leader / about- "zonest" -substantive -head 〕
prizonestro (prizonestr'o)
progres'o progress (progres'o)
〔 "progres" -substantive / "progr" -substantive -owner / "prog" -substantive -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" -substantive 〕
progreso (progres'o)
promes'o pledge (pledg'o)
〔 "promes" -substantive / "prom" -substantive -owner / on_account_of- "mes" -substantive 〕
promeso (promes'o)
promes'o promise (promis'o) promeso (promes'o)
protest'o protest (protest'o)
〔 "protest" -substantive / on_account_of- "test" -substantive 〕 〔 "prot" -substantive -natural_state 〕
protesto (protest'o)
protses'o hearing (hearing'o)
〔 "protses" -substantive / "prots" -substantive -owner / on_account_of- "tses" -substantive 〕
proceso (proces'o)
protses'o lawsuit (laws'o) proceso (proces'o)
regimentestr'o colonel (colonel'o)
〔 "regimentestr" -substantive / "regiment" -substantive -leader / "regimentest" -substantive -head 〕
regimentestro (regimentestr'o)
regionestr'o governor (governor'o)
〔 "regionestr" -substantive / "region" -substantive -leader / "regi" -substantive -leader -part / "regionest" -substantive -head 〕
regionestro (regionestr'o)
regres'o recession (reces'o)
〔 "regres" -substantive / "regr" -substantive -owner / "reg" -substantive -owner -head 〕
regreso (regres'o)
regres'o regression (regres'o) regreso (regres'o)
regres'o setback (setbak'o) regreso (regres'o)
reinvest'o rollover (rolover'o)
〔 "reinvest" -substantive 〕 〔 "reinv" -substantive -natural_state 〕
reinvesto (reinvest'o)
rest'o rest (rest'o)
〔 "rest" -substantive 〕
resto (rest'o)
reteyestr'o webmaster (webmaster'o)
〔 "reteyestr" -substantive / "retey" -substantive -leader / "ret" -substantive -leader -place / "reteyest" -substantive -head 〕
retejestro (retejestr'o)
rimes'o remittance (remit'o)
〔 "rimes" -substantive / "rim" -substantive -owner 〕
rimeso (rimes'o)
ritsevatest'o receipt (receipt'o)
〔 "ritsevatest" -substantive 〕 〔 "ritsevat" -substantive -natural_state / "ritsev" -substantive -natural_state -happening / "rits" -substantive -natural_state -happening -powerful 〕
ricevatesto (ricevatest'o)
rotestr'o captain (captain'o)
〔 "rotestr" -substantive / "rot" -substantive -leader / "rotest" -substantive -head 〕
rotestro (rotestr'o)
sektsiestr'o manager (manager'o)
〔 "sektsiestr" -substantive / "sektsi" -substantive -leader / "sektsiest" -substantive -head 〕
sekciestro (sekciestr'o)
semestr'o semester (semester'o)
〔 "semestr" -substantive / "sem" -substantive -leader / "semest" -substantive -head 〕
semestro (semestr'o)
skipestr'o foreman (for'o)
〔 "skipestr" -substantive / "skip" -substantive -leader / "skipest" -substantive -head 〕
skipestro (skipestr'o)
stres'o stress (stres'o)
〔 "stres" -substantive 〕
streso (stres'o)
sugest'o hint (hint'o)
〔 "sugest" -substantive 〕 〔 "sug" -substantive -natural_state 〕
sugesto (sugest'o)
sugest'o pointer (point'o) sugesto (sugest'o)
sugest'o suggestion (sugest'o) sugesto (sugest'o)
suktses'o success (suces'o)
〔 "suktses" -substantive / "sukts" -substantive -owner 〕
sukceso (sukces'o)
supervest'o coat (coat'o)
〔 "supervest" -substantive / above- "vest" -substantive 〕 〔 "superv" -substantive -natural_state 〕
supervesto (supervest'o)
talivest'o body (body'o)
〔 "talivest" -substantive 〕 〔 "taliv" -substantive -natural_state / "tal" -substantive -natural_state -knowledgable 〕
talivesto (talivest'o)
tceest'o attendance (tceest'o)
〔 "tceest" -substantive / at- "est" -substantive 〕 〔 "tce" -substantive -natural_state 〕
ĉeesto (tceest'o)
tceest'o presence (tceest'o) ĉeesto (tceest'o)
tces'o cessation (ces'o)
〔 "tces" -substantive 〕
tces'o termination (termination'o) ĉeso (tces'o)
teamestr'o captain (captain'o)
〔 "teamestr" -substantive / "team" -substantive -leader / "te" -substantive -leader -time / "teamest" -substantive -head 〕
teamestro (teamestr'o)
tempest'o gale (gal'o)
〔 "tempest" -substantive 〕 〔 "temp" -substantive -natural_state 〕
tempesto (tempest'o)
tempest'o storm (storm'o)
tempest'o tempest (tempest'o) tempesto (tempest'o)
test'o test (test'o)
〔 "test" -substantive 〕
testo (test'o)
tirkest'o drawer (drawer'o)
〔 "tirkest" -substantive / that- "rkest" -substantive 〕 〔 "tirk" -substantive -natural_state 〕
tirkesto (tirkest'o)
tribestr'o chief (tcief'o)
〔 three- "bestr" -substantive / three- "best" -substantive -head 〕 〔 "tribestr" -substantive / "trib" -substantive -leader / "tribest" -substantive -head 〕
tribestro (tribestr'o)
trimestr'o quarter (quarter'o)
〔 three- "mestr" -substantive / three- "mest" -substantive -head 〕 〔 "trimestr" -substantive / "trim" -substantive -leader / "trimest" -substantive -head 〕
trimestro (trimestr'o)
tsipres'o cypress (cypres'o)
〔 "tsipres" -substantive / "tsipr" -substantive -owner / "tsip" -substantive -owner -head 〕
cipreso (cipres'o)
urbestr'o mayor (mayor'o)
〔 "urbestr" -substantive / "urb" -substantive -leader / "urbest" -substantive -head 〕
urbestro (urbestr'o)
vesp'o wasp (wasp'o)
〔 "vesp" -substantive 〕
vespo (vesp'o)
vest'o clothing (clox'o)
〔 "vest" -substantive 〕
vesto (vest'o)
vest'o dress (dres'o) vesto (vest'o)
vest'o garment (garment'o) vesto (vest'o)
yaktestr'o captain (captain'o)
〔 "yaktestr" -substantive / "yakt" -substantive -leader / "yaktest" -substantive -head 〕
jaktestro (jaktestr'o)
arest'u should arrest
〔 "arest" -suggestive 〕 〔 "ar" -suggestive -natural_state / "a" -suggestive -natural_state -head 〕
atest'u should testify
〔 "atest" -suggestive 〕 〔 "at" -suggestive -natural_state 〕
estr'u should head up (estr'u)
〔 "estr" -suggestive / "est" -suggestive -head 〕
estru (estr'u)
permes'u ought to permit
〔 "permes" -suggestive / "perm" -suggestive -owner / with- "mes" -suggestive 〕
permes'u should permit
pes'u ought to weigh
〔 "pes" -suggestive 〕
pes'u should weigh
pres'u ought to print
〔 "pres" -suggestive 〕
pres'u should print
progres'u ought to progress
〔 "progres" -suggestive / "progr" -suggestive -owner / "prog" -suggestive -owner -head / on_account_of- "gres" -suggestive 〕
progres'u should progress
promes'u ought to promise
〔 "promes" -suggestive / "prom" -suggestive -owner / on_account_of- "mes" -suggestive 〕
promes'u should promise
protest'u ought to protest
〔 "protest" -suggestive / on_account_of- "test" -suggestive 〕 〔 "prot" -suggestive -natural_state 〕
protest'u should protest
rest'u ought to stay (rest'u)
〔 "rest" -suggestive 〕
rest'u should stay (rest'u) (rest'u)
suktses'u ought to succeed
〔 "suktses" -suggestive / "sukts" -suggestive -owner 〕
suktses'u should succeed
suktses'u succeed (suced'u)
tces'u cease (ceas'u)
〔 "tces" -suggestive 〕
tces'u ought to cease
tces'u should cease
vest'u dresses (dres'u)
〔 "vest" -suggestive 〕
vest'u ought to dress
vest'u ought to get dressed
vest'u should dress
vest'u should get dressed
est'aj being (est'aj)
〔 "est" -conjunction 〕 〔 "est" -connective adjective 〕
est'as (est'as)
〔 "est" -general_present 〕
estas (est'as)
presk'aw almost (almost'aw)
〔 "presk" -incisive 〕 〔 "presk" -singular adjective 〕
preskaŭ (presk'aw)
ses'ef sixth (ses'ef) sesa (ses'ef)
ses'ic about six (ses'ic)
〔 six--approximative 〕 〔 "ses" -approximative 〕
abstses'ow an abscess (absces'ow)
〔 "abstses" -singular substantive / "absts" -singular substantive -owner 〕
abstses'oy abscesses (absces'oy)
〔 "abstses" -plural substantive / "absts" -plural substantive -owner 〕
adolesk'ow an adolescence (adolescenc'ow)
〔 "adolesk" -singular substantive 〕
adolesk'oy adolescences (adolescenc'oy)
〔 "adolesk" -plural substantive 〕
adres'ow an address (adres'ow)
〔 "adres" -singular substantive / "adr" -singular substantive -owner / "ad" -singular substantive -owner -head 〕
adres'oy addresses (adres'oy)
〔 "adres" -plural substantive / "adr" -plural substantive -owner / "ad" -plural substantive -owner -head 〕
ses'om six (ses'om)
〔 six--abstract substantive 〕 〔 six--quantitative 〕 〔 "ses" -quantitative 〕 〔 "ses" -abstract substantive 〕
vesp'ow a wasp (wasp'ow)
〔 "vesp" -singular substantive 〕
vesp'oy wasps (wasp'oy)
〔 "vesp" -plural substantive 〕
vest'ow an article of clothing
〔 "vest" -singular substantive 〕
vest'oy clothes (clox'oy)
〔 "vest" -plural substantive 〕
vest'oy clothing (clox'oy)
kresk'ant growing (kresk'ant)
〔 "kresk" -active_present 〕
abstses'own an abscess (absces'own)
〔 "abstses" -accusative_singular substantive / "absts" -accusative_singular substantive -owner 〕
abstses'oyn abscesses (absces'oyn)
〔 "abstses" -accusative_plural substantive / "absts" -accusative_plural substantive -owner 〕
abstses'oyz abscesses (absces'oyz)
〔 "abstses" -nominative_plural substantive / "absts" -nominative_plural substantive -owner 〕
adres'own an address (adres'own)
〔 "adres" -accusative_singular substantive / "adr" -accusative_singular substantive -owner / "ad" -accusative_singular substantive -owner -head 〕
adres'owz an address (adres'owz)
〔 "adres" -nominative_singular substantive / "adr" -nominative_singular substantive -owner / "ad" -nominative_singular substantive -owner -head 〕
adres'oyn addresses (adres'oyn)
〔 "adres" -accusative_plural substantive / "adr" -accusative_plural substantive -owner / "ad" -accusative_plural substantive -owner -head 〕
adres'oyz addresses (adres'oyz)
〔 "adres" -nominative_plural substantive / "adr" -nominative_plural substantive -owner / "ad" -nominative_plural substantive -owner -head 〕
vesp'own a wasp (wasp'own)
〔 "vesp" -accusative_singular substantive 〕
vesp'owz a wasp (wasp'owz)
〔 "vesp" -nominative_singular substantive 〕
vesp'oyn wasps (wasp'oyn)
〔 "vesp" -accusative_plural substantive 〕
vesp'oyz wasps (wasp'oyz)
〔 "vesp" -nominative_plural substantive 〕
vest'oyn clothes (clox'oyn)
〔 "vest" -accusative_plural substantive 〕
vest'oyz clothes (clox'oyz)
〔 "vest" -nominative_plural substantive 〕
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Esper', English, German, Lithuanian, Spanish, Esperanto.

Esper' English German Lithuanian Spanish Esperanto
cud' atest' should testify debe testificar
cud' permes' should permit debe permitir
cud' pes' should weigh debe pesar
cud' pres' should print debe impresiónar
cud' progres' should progress debe hacer progreso
cud' promes' should promise debe prometir
cud' protest' should protest debe protesta
cud' rest' should stay debe permanecer
cud' suktses' should succeed debe tener éxito
cud' tces' should cease debe cesar
cud' vest' should dress debe vestir
cud' vest' should get dressed debe vestir
dev' atest' must testify debe testificar
dev' permes' must permit debe permitir
dev' pes' must weigh debe pesar
dev' pres' must print debe impresiónar
dev' progres' must progress debe hacer progreso
dev' promes' must promise debe prometir
dev' protest' must protest debe protesta
dev' rest' must stay debe permanecer
dev' suktses' must succeed debe tener éxito
dev' tces' must cease debe cesar
dev' vest' must dress debe vestir
dev' vest' must get dressed debe vestir
est' be (est') ist (est') (est') (est') estas (est')
presk' almost (almost') casi (cas')
adolesk'a adolescent (adolescent'a) adolescente (adolescent'a) adoleska (adolesk'a)
adres'a address (adres'a) dirección (direcion'a)
agres'a aggressive (agres'a) agresivo (agres'a) agresa (agres'a)
atest'a testimonial (test'a) testimonial (test'a)
best'a animal (animal'a) animal (animal'a)
ekstses'a excessive (exces'a) excesivo (eksces'a)
fest'a festive (fest'a) festivo (fest'a) festa (fest'a)
grotesk'a grotesque (grotesqu'a) grotesk (grotesk'a) grotesco (grotesc'a) groteska (grotesk'a)
honest'a honest (honest'a) honesto (honest'a) honesta (honest'a)
impres'a impressive (impres'a) impresionante (impres'a) impresa (impres'a)
interes'a interesting (interes'a) (interes'a) (interes'a) interesante (interes'a) interesa (interes'a)
intest'a intestinal (intest'a) intestinal (intest'a) intesta (intest'a)
invest'a investor (invest'a) inversor (inversor'a)
manifest'a manifest (manifest'a) manifiesto (manifiest'a)
mayest'a majestic (majest'a) majestuoso (mahest'a)
modest'a modest (modest'a) modesto (modest'a) modesta (modest'a)
nenetses'a unnecessary (nenetses'a) (nenetses'a) (nenetses'a) innecesario (nenetses'a) nenecesa (nenetses'a)
netses'a necessary (neces'a) necesario (neces'a) necesa (neces'a)
orkestr'a orchestral (ortcestr'a) orquestal (or'a) orkestra (orkestr'a)
pest'a pestilent (pestilent'a) apestoso (apest'a)
pest'a pestilent (pestilent'a) pestilente (pestilent'a)
pitoresk'a scenic (scenic'a) pintoresco (pintoresc'a) pitoreska (pitoresk'a)
progres'a progressive (progres'a) progresivo (progres'a) progresa (progres'a)
promes'a promising (promis'a) prometedor (prometedor'a)
ses'a sixth (ses'a) (ses'a) (ses'a) sexto (ses'a) sesa (ses'a)
suktses'a successful (suces'a) éxito (eks'a) sukcesa (sukces'a)
tempest'a stormy (storm'a) tormentoso (torment'a)
agres'e aggressively (agres'e) agresivamente (agres'e)
grotesk'e grotesque (grotesqu'e) grotesco (grotesc'e)
honest'e honestly (honest'e) honestamente (honest'e) honeste (honest'e)
impres'e impressively (impres'e) impresionante (impres'e) imprese (impres'e)
interes'e interestingly (interes'e) (interes'e) (interes'e) interesantemente (interes'e) interese (interes'e)
malhonest'e dishonestly (diconest'e) deshonestamente (deshonestament'e) malhoneste (malhonest'e)
mayest'e majestically (majest'e) majestuosamente (mahest'e) majeste (majest'e)
modest'e modestly (modest'e) modestamente (modest'e) modeste (modest'e)
nenetses'e unnecessarily (nenetses'e) (nenetses'e) (nenetses'e) innecesariamente (nenetses'e) nenecese (nenetses'e)
netses'e necessarily (neces'e) necesario (neces'e) necese (neces'e)
pes'e by weight de peso
pes'e heavily (heavily'e) pesado (pes'e)
pes'e weightedly (weiq'e) de peso
pres'e in print de impresión
protest'e protestingly (protest'e) protesta (protest'e)
suktses'e successfully (suces'e) con éxito sukcese (sukces'e)
adres'i to address (adres'i) dirección (direcion'i)
agres'i to attack (atak'i) ataque (atak'i)
arest'i to arrest (arest'i) areštuoti (arestuot'i) arresto (arest'i) aresti (arest'i)
atest'i to testify (test'i) testificar (test'i) atesti (atest'i)
cud'ax atest'i should testify debe testificar
cud'ax permes'i should permit debe permitir
cud'ax pes'i should weigh debe pesar
cud'ax pres'i should print debe impresiónar
cud'ax progres'i should progress debe hacer progreso
cud'ax promes'i should promise debe prometir
cud'ax protest'i should protest debe protesta
cud'ax rest'i should stay debe permanecer
cud'ax suktses'i should succeed debe tener éxito
cud'ax tces'i should cease debe cesar
cud'ax vest'i should dress debe vestir
cud'ax vest'i should get dressed debe vestir
dev'ax atest'i must testify debe testificar
dev'ax permes'i must permit debe permitir
dev'ax pes'i must weigh debe pesar
dev'ax pres'i must print debe impresiónar
dev'ax progres'i must progress debe hacer progreso
dev'ax promes'i must promise debe prometir
dev'ax protest'i must protest debe protesta
dev'ax rest'i must stay debe permanecer
dev'ax suktses'i must succeed debe tener éxito
dev'ax tces'i must cease debe cesar
dev'ax vest'i must dress debe vestir
dev'ax vest'i must get dressed debe vestir
digest'i to digest (digest'i) digest (digest'i) digesti (digest'i)
dres'i to train (train'i) tren (tren'i) dresi (dres'i)
est'i to be (est'i) (est'i) (est'i) estar (est'i) esti (est'i)
est'i to be (est'i) (est'i) (est'i) ser (est'i) esti (est'i)
estr'i to flow (estr'i) (estr'i) (estr'i) flujos (estr'i) (estr'i)
estr'i to head (estr'i) (estr'i) (estr'i) dirigir (estr'i) (estr'i)
fest'i to celebrate (celebrat'i) celebrar (celebrar'i) festi (fest'i)
forges'i to forget (forges'i) vergessen (forges'i) (forges'i) olvidar (forges'i) forgesi (forges'i)
impres'i to impress (impres'i) impresionar (impres'i)
interes'i to interest (interes'i) interessieren (interes'i) interesuoti (interes'i) interesado (interes'i) interesi (interes'i)
invest'i to invest (invest'i) investuoti (investuot'i) invertir (invert'i) investi (invest'i)
kares'i to caress (kares'i) (kares'i) (kares'i) caricia (kares'i) karesi (kares'i)
konfes'i to confess (confes'i) confesar (confes'i) konfesi (konfes'i)
kresk'i to grow (kresk'i) (kresk'i) (kresk'i) crecer (kresk'i) kreski (kresk'i)
manifest'i to manifest (manifest'i) manifiesto (manifiest'i) manifesti (manifest'i)
permes'i to allow (alow'i) permitir (permitir'i) permesi (permes'i)
permes'i to permit (permit'i) permitir (permitir'i) permesi (permes'i)
pes'i to weigh (weiq'i) pesan (pes'i) pesi (pes'i)
pes'i to weigh (weiq'i) pesar (pes'i)
pres'i to print (print'i) impresión (impres'i) presi (pres'i)
pres'i to print (print'i) impresiónar (impres'i)
progres'i to progress (progres'i) hacer progreso
progres'i to progress (progres'i) progreso (progres'i) progresi (progres'i)
promes'i to promise (promis'i) promesa (promes'i) promesi (promes'i)
promes'i to promise (promis'i) prometir (prometir'i) promesi (promes'i)
protest'i to protest (protest'i) protesta (protest'i) protesti (protest'i)
protses'i to process (proces'i) proceso (proces'i) procesi (proces'i)
rest'i to remain (rest'i) (rest'i) (rest'i) permanecer (rest'i) resti (rest'i)
rest'i to stay (rest'i) (rest'i) (rest'i) permanecer (rest'i) resti (rest'i)
suktses'i to achieve (atciev'i) lograr (lograr'i)
suktses'i to succeed (suced'i) tener éxito sukcesi (sukces'i)
tces'i to cease (ceas'i) detener (detener'i) ĉesi (tces'i)
tces'i to cease (ceas'i) cesar (ces'i)
vest'i to dress (dres'i) vestidir (vest'i) vesti (vest'i)
vest'i to dress (dres'i) vestir (vest'i) vesti (vest'i)
vest'i to get dressed vestir (vest'i)
adolesk'o adolescence (adolescenc'o) adolescencia (adolescenci'o)
adres'o address (adres'o) Adresse (adres'o) adresas (adresas'o) dirección (direcion'o) adreso (adres'o)
agres'o aggression (agres'o) agresija (agres'o) agresión (agres'o) agreso (agres'o)
arest'o arrest (arest'o) arresto (arest'o) aresto (arest'o)
atest'o testimony (test'o) Attest (atest'o) testimonio (test'o) atesto (atest'o)
best'o beast (beast'o) Bestie (best'o) animales (animal'o) besto (best'o)
digest'o digestion (digest'o) digestión (digest'o) digesto (digest'o)
ekstses'o excess (exces'o) ekscesas (ekscesas'o) exceso (eksces'o) eksceso (eksces'o)
est'o being (est'o) (est'o) (est'o) ser (est'o) (est'o)
estr'o a boss (estr'o) (estr'o) (estr'o) cabeza (estr'o) estro (estr'o)
estr'o leader (estr'o) (estr'o) (estr'o) cabeza (estr'o) estro (estr'o)
fenestr'o window (window'o) Fenster (fenster'o) ventana (ventan'o) fenestro (fenestr'o)
forges'o oblivion (forges'o) (forges'o) (forges'o) olvido (forges'o) forgeso (forges'o)
gest'o gesture (gest'o) Geste (gest'o) gestas (gest'o) gesto (gest'o)
gres'o grass (gras'o) Gras (gras'o) hierba (hierb'o) greso (gres'o)
honest'o honesty (honest'o) honestidad (honest'o)
impres'o impression (impres'o) Impression (impres'o) impreso (impres'o)
interes'o interest (interes'o) (interes'o) (interes'o) interés (interes'o) intereso (interes'o)
invest'o investment (invest'o) inversión (inversion'o) investo (invest'o)
kest'o box (box'o) Kasten (kast'o) caja (cah'o) kesto (kest'o)
konfes'o confession (confes'o) Konfession (konfes'o) confesión (confes'o) konfeso (konfes'o)
kongres'o congress (congres'o) Kongress (kongres'o) kongresas (kongresas'o) kongreso (kongres'o)
kongres'o congress (congres'o) congreso (congres'o)
kresk'o growth (kresk'o) (kresk'o) (kresk'o) crecimiento (kresk'o) kresko (kresk'o)
krest'o crest (crest'o) cresta (crest'o) kresto (krest'o)
manifest'o manifesto (manifest'o) Manifest (manifest'o) manifestas (manifest'o) manifiesto (manifiest'o) manifesto (manifest'o)
mayest'o majesty (majest'o) Majestät (majestat'o) gloria (glori'o) majesto (majest'o)
mes'o mass (mas'o) Messe (mes'o) meso (mes'o)
modest'o modesty (modest'o) modestia (modest'o)
nest'o nest (nest'o) Nest (nest'o) nido (nid'o) nesto (nest'o)
netses'o need (ned'o) necesita (neces'o) neceso (neces'o)
orkestr'o orchestra (ortcestr'o) Orchester (orchester'o) orkestras (orkestr'o) orquesta (or'o) orkestro (orkestr'o)
permes'o permission (permis'o) permiso (permis'o) permeso (permes'o)
pres'o press (pres'o) Presse (pres'o) presas (presas'o) prensa (prens'o) preso (pres'o)
progres'o progress (progres'o) progresas (progresas'o) progreso (progres'o)
promes'o promise (promis'o) promesa (promes'o) promeso (promes'o)
protest'o protest (protest'o) Protest (protest'o) protestas (protest'o) protesta (protest'o) protesto (protest'o)
rest'o rest (rest'o) Rest (rest'o) (rest'o) (rest'o) resto (rest'o)
suktses'o success (suces'o) éxito (eks'o) sukceso (sukces'o)
tces'o cessation (ces'o) cese (ces'o)
tempest'o tempest (tempest'o) tormenta (torment'o) tempesto (tempest'o)
tsipres'o cypress (cypres'o) ciprés (cipres'o) cipreso (cipres'o)
vesp'o wasp (wasp'o) Wespe (wesp'o) avispa (avisp'o) vespo (vesp'o)
vest'o clothing (clox'o) ropa (rop'o) vesto (vest'o)
atest'u should testify debe testificar
permes'u ought to permit debe permitir
permes'u should permit debe permitir
pes'u ought to weigh debe pesar
pes'u should weigh debe pesar
pres'u ought to print debe impresiónar
pres'u should print debe impresiónar
progres'u ought to progress debe hacer progreso
progres'u should progress debe hacer progreso
promes'u ought to promise debe prometir
promes'u should promise debe prometir
protest'u ought to protest debe protesta
protest'u should protest debe protesta
rest'u ought to stay (rest'u) (rest'u) (rest'u) debe permanecer (rest'u) (rest'u)
rest'u should stay (rest'u) (rest'u) (rest'u) debe permanecer (rest'u) (rest'u)
suktses'u ought to succeed debe tener éxito
suktses'u should succeed debe tener éxito
suktses'u succeed (suced'u) éxito (eks'u)
tces'u cease (ceas'u) cesar (ces'u)
tces'u ought to cease debe cesar
tces'u should cease debe cesar
vest'u dresses (dres'u) vestidos (vest'u)
vest'u ought to dress debe vestir
vest'u ought to get dressed debe vestir
vest'u should dress debe vestir
vest'u should get dressed debe vestir
est'as (est'as) ist (est'as) (est'as) (est'as) estas (est'as)
ses'ic about six (ses'ic) (ses'ic) (ses'ic) unos ses (ses'ic) (ses'ic)
adolesk'ow an adolescence (adolescenc'ow) una adolescencia
adolesk'oy adolescences (adolescenc'oy) adolescencias (adolescenci'oy)
vest'oy clothing (clox'oy) ropas (rop'oy)
kresk'ant growing (kresk'ant) (kresk'ant) (kresk'ant) creciendo (kresk'ant) (kresk'ant)
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Esper', English, French, Latin, Polish, Esperanto.

Esper' English French Latin Polish Esperanto
est' be (est') est (est') est (est') (est') estas (est')
presk' almost (almost') presque (presqu') preskaŭ (presk')
adolesk'a adolescent (adolescent'a) adolescent (adolescent'a) adulescens (adulescens'a) adoleska (adolesk'a)
grotesk'a grotesque (grotesqu'a) grotesque (grotesqu'a) groteska (grotesk'a)
honest'a honest (honest'a) honestus (honest'a) honesta (honest'a)
modest'a modest (modest'a) modeste (modest'a) modestus (modest'a) modesta (modest'a)
netses'a necessary (neces'a) nécessaire (neces'a) necesse (neces'a) necesa (neces'a)
pitoresk'a picturesque (picturesqu'a) pittoresque (pitoresqu'a) pitoreska (pitoresk'a)
arest'i to arrest (arest'i) aresztować (areszt'i) aresti (arest'i)
atest'i to testify (test'i) attester (atest'i) atesti (atest'i)
dres'i to train (train'i) dresser (dres'i) dresi (dres'i)
interes'i to interest (interes'i) intéresser (interes'i) interesse (interes'i) interesować (interes'i) interesi (interes'i)
invest'i to invest (invest'i) investir (invest'i) investi (invest'i)
kares'i to caress (kares'i) caresser (kares'i) (kares'i) (kares'i) karesi (kares'i)
kresk'i to grow (kresk'i) (kresk'i) crescere (kresk'i) (kresk'i) kreski (kresk'i)
pes'i to weigh (weiq'i) péser (pes'i) pesi (pes'i)
rest'i to rest (rest'i) rester (rest'i) (rest'i) (rest'i) resti (rest'i)
tces'i to cease (ceas'i) cesser (ces'i) cessare (ces'i) ĉesi (tces'i)
vest'i to dress (dres'i) vestire (vest'i) vesti (vest'i)
abstses'o abscess (absces'o) abscès (absces'o) absceso (absces'o)
adres'o address (adres'o) adresse (adres'o) adres (adres'o) adreso (adres'o)
agres'o aggression (agres'o) agression (agres'o) aggressio (agres'o) agresja (agres'o) agreso (agres'o)
best'o beast (beast'o) bestia (best'o) bestia (best'o) besto (best'o)
ekstses'o excess (exces'o) excès (exces'o) eksceso (eksces'o)
fenestr'o window (window'o) fenestra (fenestr'o) fenestro (fenestr'o)
gest'o gesture (gest'o) geste (gest'o) gestus (gest'o) gest (gest'o) gesto (gest'o)
impres'o impression (impres'o) impression (impres'o) impressio (impres'o) impreso (impres'o)
konfes'o confession (confes'o) confession (confes'o) konfeso (konfes'o)
kongres'o congress (congres'o) congrès (congres'o) congessus (congesus'o) kongreso (kongres'o)
krest'o crest (crest'o) cresta (crest'o) kresto (krest'o)
manifest'o manifesto (manifest'o) manifeste (manifest'o) manifest (manifest'o) manifesto (manifest'o)
mayest'o majesty (majest'o) majesté (majest'o) majestas (majest'o) majesto (majest'o)
mes'o mass (mas'o) messe (mes'o) meso (mes'o)
orkestr'o orchestra (ortcestr'o) orchestre (orchestr'o) orkiestra (orkiestr'o) orkestro (orkestr'o)
pres'o press (pres'o) presse (pres'o) prasa (pras'o) preso (pres'o)
progres'o progress (progres'o) progrès (progres'o) progreso (progres'o)
promes'o promise (promis'o) promesse (promes'o) promeso (promes'o)
protest'o protest (protest'o) protest (protest'o) protesto (protest'o)
rest'o rest (rest'o) reste (rest'o) (rest'o) (rest'o) resto (rest'o)
suktses'o success (suces'o) succès (suces'o) sukceso (sukces'o)
tempest'o tempest (tempest'o) tempestas (tempest'o) tempesto (tempest'o)
tsipres'o cypress (cypres'o) cyprès (cypres'o) cupressus (cupresus'o) cipreso (cipres'o)
vesp'o wasp (wasp'o) vespa (vesp'o) vespo (vesp'o)
vest'o clothing (clox'o) vestis (vest'o) vesto (vest'o)
est'as (est'as) est (est'as) est (est'as) (est'as) estas (est'as)
presk'aw almost (almost'aw) presque (presqu'aw) preskaŭ (presk'aw)
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Esper', English, Italian, Russian, Yiddish, Esperanto.

Esper' English Italian Russian Yiddish Esperanto
est' be (est') (est') есть (est') (est') estas (est')
presk' almost (almost') pressochè (presoch') preskaŭ (presk')
adolesk'a adolescent (adolescent'a) adolescente (adolescent'a) adoleska (adolesk'a)
grotesk'a grotesque (grotesqu'a) grottesco (grotesc'a) groteska (grotesk'a)
modest'a modest (modest'a) modesto (modest'a) modesta (modest'a)
netses'a necessary (neces'a) necessario (neces'a) necesa (neces'a)
pitoresk'a picturesque (picturesqu'a) pittoresco (pitoresc'a) pitoreska (pitoresk'a)
arest'i to arrest (arest'i) arrestare (arest'i) aрeстoвывать (arestovyeruvat'i) aresti (arest'i)
atest'i to testify (test'i) attestare (atest'i) atesti (atest'i)
forges'i to forget (forges'i) (forges'i) (forges'i) fargesn (forges'i) forgesi (forges'i)
interes'i to interest (interes'i) interessare (interes'i) интересовать (interes'i) (interes'i) interesi (interes'i)
invest'i to invest (invest'i) investire (invest'i) инвестировать (yinviestyirovat'i) investi (invest'i)
kresk'i to grow (kresk'i) crescere (kresk'i) (kresk'i) (kresk'i) kreski (kresk'i)
pes'i to weigh (weiq'i) pesare (pes'i) pesi (pes'i)
rest'i to rest (rest'i) restare (rest'i) (rest'i) (rest'i) resti (rest'i)
tces'i to cease (ceas'i) cessare (ces'i) ĉesi (tces'i)
vest'i to dress (dres'i) vestire (vest'i) vesti (vest'i)
adres'o address (adres'o) aдрeс (adres'o) adres (adres'o) adreso (adres'o)
agres'o aggression (agres'o) aggressione (agres'o) aгрeссия (agres'o) agreso (agres'o)
best'o beast (beast'o) bestia (best'o) besto (best'o)
ekstses'o excess (exces'o) эксцeсс (ekstses'o) eksceso (eksces'o)
fenestr'o window (window'o) finestra (finestr'o) fenster (fenster'o) fenestro (fenestr'o)
gest'o gesture (gest'o) gesto (gest'o) gesto (gest'o)
impres'o impression (impres'o) impressione (impres'o) impreso (impres'o)
kest'o box (box'o) kestl (kest'o) kesto (kest'o)
konfes'o confession (confes'o) confessione (confes'o) konfeso (konfes'o)
kongres'o congress (congres'o) congresso (congres'o) конгрeсс (kongres'o) kongreso (kongres'o)
krest'o crest (crest'o) cresta (crest'o) kresto (krest'o)
manifest'o manifesto (manifest'o) manifesto (manifest'o) мaнифeст (manyifest'o) manifesto (manifest'o)
mayest'o majesty (majest'o) maestà (maest'o) majesto (majest'o)
mes'o mass (mas'o) messa (mes'o) meso (mes'o)
orkestr'o orchestra (ortcestr'o) orchestra (orchestr'o) oркeстр (orkestr'o) orkestro (orkestr'o)
pres'o press (pres'o) прeсс (рres'o) preso (pres'o)
progres'o progress (progres'o) progresso (progres'o) прoгрeсс (рrogres'o) progreso (progres'o)
promes'o promise (promis'o) promesso (promes'o) promeso (promes'o)
protest'o protest (protest'o) прoтeст (рrotest'o) protesto (protest'o)
rest'o rest (rest'o) resto (rest'o) (rest'o) resht (rest'o) resto (rest'o)
suktses'o success (suces'o) successo (suces'o) sukceso (sukces'o)
tempest'o tempest (tempest'o) tempesta (tempest'o) tempesto (tempest'o)
tsipres'o cypress (cypres'o) cipresso (cipres'o) cipreso (cipres'o)
vesp'o wasp (wasp'o) vespa (vesp'o) vespo (vesp'o)
vest'o clothing (clox'o) veste (vest'o) vesto (vest'o)
est'as (est'as) (est'as) есть (est'as) (est'as) estas (est'as)
presk'aw almost (almost'aw) pressochè (presoch'aw) preskaŭ (presk'aw)