Epiinjury - a collaborative learning project on occupational injury epidemiology

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Ethical guidelines[edit]

The International Epidemiological Associations´ (IEA) guidelines for proper conduct in epidemiologic research should be applied: http://www.ieatemp.com/goodEpiPractice.aspx Authorship and roles in the development should follow the Vancouver rules: http://www.icmje.org/ Permission from the authors and the publishers should be obtained to use the articles and other material

Project discussion[edit]

If you are interested in improving the project or have questions and comments about it, please join us on the Project Discussion page.

The questionnaire[edit]

The collaborative learning project on occupational injury epidemiology based on Registers is a research and learning project about occupational injury prevention. The research component is aimed at creating a review of the best practices injury epdemiology While the learning project aspect is aimed at helping people to do good studies and make better registersters.

To participate, read the page on How to Contribute, then go to the Contributors page and sign in, and then start adding your records in either of two ways:

  1. Participants who know study fairly well can log on [[]] or using the [[]].
  2. Participants can also use the [[]], which can help ...