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Programme[edit | edit source]

This is a module part of the Open Source ERP/Executive Diploma course conducted by a private university.

Subject[edit | edit source]

ERP Software Development - Just Enough Java

Objectives[edit | edit source]

The objectives of this subject are:

  • To know how the software operates in running the ERP System
  • To learn just enough Java, SQL and DB to troubleshoot the ERP Software
  • To use the community to gain experience and obtain apprenticeship
  • To develop further and extend the present ERP functionalities

Learning Outcomes[edit | edit source]

On completion of this subject the students shall be able to:

  • Setup an Interactive Development Environment (IDE) such as Eclipse
  • Handle the sourcecode, modify and recompile succesfully for deployment
  • Work with others in the community to shorten the learning curve
  • Debug any fault in the system and and resolve the bugs
  • Use SourceForge trackers to conduct software maintenance professionally

Sypnosis[edit | edit source]

This subject covers the software development environment using popular open source tools. This involves debugging and modifying the software to resolve many common needs. The approach is to jump into some hands-on experience by using the SourceForge trackers to pick up real bugs and resolve them collectively with the community.

Subject Details[edit | edit source]

Using the IDE[edit | edit source]


  • Installing IDE
  • Checking Out The Source
  • Setting Classpath Properties & Other Errors
  • Using the Perspectives & Views

Using SourceForge[edit | edit source]

(15 hrs)

  • Bug Tracker
  • Features Tracker
  • Tracker Activity
  • Reading Maillist

Just Enough Java[edit | edit source]


  • Basics of Java
  • ERP Java
  • Stepping through Code
  • Latest Progress

Just Enough SQL[edit | edit source]


  • Basics of SQL
  • Using DB Editor
  • Understanding PL/SQL
  • Java SQL

Solving A Bug[edit | edit source]

(20 hrs)

  • Choosing a Bug
  • Research the context
  • Communicate the ideas
  • Submitting for Review

Just Enough Database[edit | edit source]


  • Importing the Initial DB
  • Exporting DB and Versioning Rules
  • Restoring DB
  • Handling DB Instances

New Feature[edit | edit source]


  • Create or Extending Module
  • ModelValidator
  • Design Stage
  • Development Stage
  • Testing Stage
  • Documenting Stage

Main Reference[edit | edit source]