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This page is to organise and discuss strategies for doing research on a collaborative, wiki-based course.


From September through december 2007 I worked with students from 2 secondary schools in the Netherlands (Almere) on WIKI on Enlightment. Two classes ( students 16-18 years old) worked in a project in which they did research on Enlightenment from the perspective of Philosophy and English and Dutch literature. The project was part of a research project on CSCL ( Computer Supported Collaborative Learning) I did this as a teacher-researcher. The students had to build a WIKI on Enlightment from the 3 different perspectives I mentioned above. My research lookes at 1. collaboration, 2. integration of subject perspectives and 3. motivation. I'm still working on the research and would like to discuss the way to research the online behaviour of students. Cormac Lawler and Erkan Yilmaz thought this was a good idea and they made this page on Wikiversity to share our ideas and experience. So: Lets start!Jeroencl 08:15, 25 March 2008 (UTC) I have two other CSCL projects now, using Wikis as a collaborative space. My school collaborates with a school in Macedonia and Aruba. Look at the Macedonia project [[1]].


Students collaborate, using a wiki. How can you analyse and interpret the online conversations of these students. This must be a qualitative analysis. My idea is to make a converstaion alalysis, like Coulthard or other sociolinguists and pragmalinguists did 20 years ago. We could use the idea of speech acts also. But maybe there are other, promising ideas also. I hope there is some experience in doing this kind of research. Hope we can work together using Wikiversity. Jeroencl 09:11, 25 March 2008 (UTC)

next steps[edit]

I will share the first steps I took in analysing the data. The problem is that the data are i Dutch. I will use English terms for the analysis. Use the discussion page for discussion or edit this pageJeroencl 09:12, 25 March 2008 (UTC)


Everyone, working with WIKI's / other Web 2.0 tools, interested in CSCL with students.