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English Basics Hello , this is a project to make flash cards for english learners. The plan is to have a series of flash cards with some text, a sound file and a selection of images , the english learner reads the text listens to the sound file and clicks on the appropriate image. If correct they move to the next card if incorrect the can try again. The flash cards can be grouped in increasing order of difficulty and by topic.

Food[edit | edit source]

Milk[edit | edit source]

  • Question 1:

Corn.jpg Milk.jpg Fuji apple.jpg Apple.jpg

Bread[edit | edit source]

  • Question 2:

Serbian bread.jpg Corn.jpg Fuji apple.jpg Apple.jpg

Cheese[edit | edit source]

  • Question 3:

Rice on a plate.jpg Bananas white background.jpg Emmentaler.jpg Corn.jpg

Rice[edit | edit source]

  • Question 4:

Rice on a plate.jpg Emmentaler.jpg Milk.jpg Corn.jpg

Potatoes[edit | edit source]

  • Question 5:

Emmentaler.jpg Bananas white background.jpg Corn.jpg Jersey Royal potatoes.jpg

Corn[edit | edit source]

  • Question 6:

VegCorn.jpg Emmentaler.jpg Milk.jpg Corn.jpg

Fish[edit | edit source]

  • Question 7:

Bananas white background.jpg Various sweetwater fish with Finnish text.jpg Fuji apple.jpg Corn.jpg

Chicken[edit | edit source]

  • Question 8:

Emmentaler.jpg Rooster04 adjusted.jpg Milk.jpg Corn.jpg

Lamb[edit | edit source]

  • Question 9:

Emmentaler.jpg Milk.jpg Cheviot ewe with lamb.jpg Fuji apple.jpg

Apple[edit | edit source]

  • Question 10:

Fuji apple.jpg Emmentaler.jpg Various sweetwater fish with Finnish text.jpg Bananas white background.jpg

Pear[edit | edit source]

  • Question 11:

Emmentaler.jpg Pears.jpg Milk.jpg Bananas white background.jpg

Orange[edit | edit source]

  • Question 12:

Emmentaler.jpg Fuji apple.jpg Corn.jpg 2010-06-19-supermarkt-by-RalfR-28.jpg

Mango[edit | edit source]

  • Question 13:

Bananas white background.jpg Milk.jpg MangoAlphonso04 Asit.jpg Various sweetwater fish with Finnish text.jpg

Banana[edit | edit source]

  • Question 14:

Bananas white background.jpg Emmentaler.jpg Milk.jpg Fuji apple.jpg

Sugar[edit | edit source]

  • Question 15:

Various sweetwater fish with Finnish text.jpg Fuji apple.jpg Cuboid sugar.jpg Corn.jpg