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Project Robot Hallway Navigation[edit | edit source]

Project Goal: Design and implement control software that enables an existing mobile robot to autonomously navigate the hallways of Howard Community College's CL building. Students can choose from two existing robots for implementation: a LEGO Mindstorms robot or an Arduino-based robot.

Conceive[edit | edit source]

Conception has been informally described above. Students started with the design phase (see below).

Design[edit | edit source]

In fall 2013, students designed a control algorithm, using Simulink, for a LEGO Mindsdtorms robot. The design is documented in this report. Testing of the design is described below under Implement.
In spring 2014, students are designing an alternative control algorithm. Design report will be posted when it is complete.

Implement[edit | edit source]

In fall 2013, students implemented a control algorithm, which allowed a LEGO robot to successfully navigate a hallway circuit in approximately 7 minutes. The implementation details are documented in this report.

Operate[edit | edit source]

Tutorials[edit | edit source]