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Idea[edit | edit source]

Power Projects involve supplying power to a variety of projects. Old PC power supplies can be used. Disposible batteries need to be reordered, old, used and new need to be kept seperated. Rechargeable batteries of all types are getting more and more complicated. LiPo batteries come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and require chargers hooked to PC's through USB cables to be maintained properly. AC power is dangerous and needs to be delivered through a series of circuit breakes, switches and lights before being exposed to those using it. Setting up this power management system in support of other projects is very important. Here is an example of another power project [1]

Video of Joule Thief ... keep old batteries working.

SubSystems[edit | edit source]

Disposable Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries
Variable Power Supplies
Power Supplies built from PC's
AC circuit breaker, switch saftey system
Smart Grid demonstrations
[[wikipedia:Home_automationd|Home Automation] BSR, X10 systems

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

AC Saftey

College/Universities[edit | edit source]

Howard Community College