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Problem Statement

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Create a bridge made out of spaghetti that can hold a vast amount weight.

Team Members

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We came up with an arch but that arch broke, and it was too unstable. We have a strong hanger design. First we used a decision matrix to decide which design of the arch would work better. We decided that the single-single arch would work out the best. We started to put together the arch but we realized that it would just go straight up in the air, so we had to find the angle at which the noodles would go around the arch. Then we had to make them that angle, it took awhile so we created a board that would hold the noodles so we can sand multiple noodles at once at the same angle. And then we ran out of time.


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final spaghetti bridge


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For the start of the project we all came up with a design and did a 3d drawing of it, then we split the work up by having one person figure out how to do the hangers another building the arc and another helping the 2 out. The obsticles were getting the right angle, a;so when building the arc getting it to settle and nt fall while the apoxy dried in the time it took to dry and become a glue holding things togethor. The testing that was done was getting the calculation for the angle and then checking to make sure it is the right angle.Also we tested the first arc that was not altered just pasta glued to pasta and it broke under 1 pound of stress. the informal decessions that were made were what to start first which turned out to be the arc. The assumptions were that the ideas would work and everyone would do their part, everyone did their part and the test without apoxy looks like the pasta will now work making an arc that is strong and stable.So the results are that the pasta needs tgo have some of the angle talen off to make a barc with maximum pasta toughing more pasta.

Decision List

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HIGH is good.

Options Strength Total Strength Time Total Time Simplicity Total Simplicity Weight Weight Total Overall Total
Single Arch 3,2,3 80 4,4,5 28 5,5,5 15 4,5,4 126 249
Double Arch 3,4,3 100 3,3,3 18 4,5,4 14 4,4,3 99 231
Single-Single Arch 5,5,5 150 2,3,4 18 2,2,3 7 3,3,3 81 256
x10 x2 x1 x9

Material List

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Zetti spaghetti 100

Software List

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1 2 3d by Autodesk

Google Docs

NCH Software

35 hours and 27 minutes


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insert a component tutorial

Next Steps

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I)Build the actual bridge.

II)Figure out were to attach the hangers to the arch.

III)Sand the noodles.

IV)Build a more stable arch.

V)Put together the hangers.