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Problem Statement

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Design and build the hanger part of the bridge made with spaghetti, using as little spaghetti as possible and making it very light.

Team Members

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The first week we all competed with each other and came up with a couple of designs each. We all looked at the designs and chose the best 3. Then the 2nd week we all created one of the designs in 123d and posted them on our website. once we went to class we started on a decision matrix on the 3 top designs and found out htat the double- single- double design was the best course of action. so the third week everyone started to create the beams of spaghetti using the double single double design so we could start testing them for strength. Testing and building every beam one at a time we came up with the idea in the fourth week to hand out kits to the class so they could help us build them and we could have an unlimited supply of beams to BREAK! We waited for the other spaghetti group to create their arch so we could attach our designed beams to them and start testing a complete bridge.


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Poster of beams design and how to attach them to arch


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During the project we competed at first against each other on how to build the best design. then we choose the best design threw a decision matrix and concluded the double- sinlge- double design was the best mostly because of its strength. then we decided to mass produce these beams and did. We tested them for strength every test with our hands till they broke but it was getting very boring and was a very slow process so we all started to create kits for other people to make our beams for us so it wasn't just 3 people making beams but the hole class. so production would increase substantially. Also we waited for the other group to create their arch so we could start attaching our beams to them and start truly testing the complete bridges.

Decision List

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HIGH is good

Options Strength Total Strength Time Total Time Simplicity Total Simplicity Materials Total Materials Weight Weight Total Overall Total
Single Strand 1,2,1 40 5,5,5 30 5,4,4 13 5,3,4 60 5,5,5 120 263
Single-Double-Single Strand 3,4,4 110 3,3,3 18 3,4,3 10 3,3,3 45 3,3,4 80 263
Double-Single-Double Strand 5,4,4 130 4,3,3 20 3,4,3 10 3,2,3 40 3,2,3 64 264
x10 x2 x1 x5 x8

decided upon the double single double design

Material List

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1. List materials used, quantity, size, cost.
      1. Box of spaghetti
      2. Apoxy
2. Describe what needs to be purchased in the future to continue working on this project.
      Nothing needs to be purchased for others to work on the project. 
      Because their is enough spaghetti and apoxy left for next group to use.

Software List

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1 2 3D by Autodesk
NCH WebCam Software

41 hours and 15 minutes


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beam creation tutorial

apoxy tutorial

Next Steps

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The next steps of the project is to get mass quantities of the hangers made and figure out how to attach them to the base. Then attach them to the arch at the joints, where needed. Also we are moving to the arch aspect of the project, so once we have finished that we can Build a bridge that is truly up to snub.