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Problem Statement[edit | edit source]

Our team goal is to make the Ballbot stand on its head and remotely rotate a basketball balanced in its wheels.

Team Members[edit | edit source]

Teddy Hanson

Summary[edit | edit source]

Week 0
We created a team page and individual pages. Looked at and examined the parts of the ballbot and the arduino.
Week 1
Uploaded photos of dismantled ballbot. Learned where the project was left off and how we as a group are going to push it foward. Decided to focus on spinning/rotating the ball as opposed to balancing the ball. May decide later in the project if the spinning of the ball is sucessful to balance on the ball.
Week 2
Realized we cannot continue with the present part that we have. Missing one wheel motor, the upper half the the ballbot, the circuit board for the ballbot, and the remote. It is just a mess with no screws and lots of buttons missing. So we ordered three additional ballbots (Tribots) from amazon for thirteen dollars.
Week 3
We ordered the wrong ballbot. It is actually the mini version of the ballbot so we ordered the right one. Also we took apart the mini ballbot and figured out that there is nothing we can use to push the project, but we got the motor of an old ballbot running using the battery source of the smaller ballbot.
Week 4
The BIG ballbot came in! We played around with it and got comfortable with how it works and reacts to certain buttons on the remote.

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Decision List[edit | edit source]

Chose to focus on spinning the basketball as opposed to balancing on top of it.

Material List[edit | edit source]

Ballbot and all related components



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