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In this 21st century where demand for energy is ever growing and we are looking for alternative ways to produce energy. it is predicted that by the the period 2000-2030 demand for primary energy worldwide will increase by  1.8% per annum[1]. To make the energy system sustainable two condition must be satisfied
  • All energy must come from sustainably managed renewable sources.
  • Energy must be distributed and used with highest efficiency.[2]

To make the first point satisfied we can use solar, thermal, wind and other sustainable from as our primary source to produce energy. And to satisfy the second option there are many alternative like, synthetic gasoline, synthetic natural gas (methane), methanol, ethanol and hydrogen, But The fuel of choice must satisfy the following conditions [3]

• It must be convenient fuel for transportation.

• It must be versatile or convert with ease to other energy forms at the user end.

• It must have high utilization efficiency.

• It must be safe to use.

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