Embracing Ambiguity/Decisive disasters

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This is a collection of disasters that have occurred largely because an ambiguous situation was rushed to closure rather than investigated further.

  1. Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
  2. Space Shuttle Columbia disaster
  3. Killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, including especially
    1. George Floyd,
    2. Daunte Wright,
    3. Justine Damond,
    4. Jordan Edwards,
    5. Greg Gunn,
    6. Corey Jones,
    7. Walter Scott,
    8. Anthony Hill,
    9. Akai Gurley,
    10. Philando Castile,
    11. Breonna Taylor,
    12. Amir Locke,
    13. Laquan McDonald, and
    14. Ahmaud Arbery
  4. Heaven’s Gate cult mass suicide, the Peoples Temple Agriculture Project, and various doomsday cults.
  5. Deepwater Horizon oil spill
  6. Fyre Festival
  7. Theranos
  8. Various fraudulent investment schemes, including several on this list of Ponzi schemes.
  9. Various healthcare frauds, including quackery.
  10. Charlatans often deceive their mark with claims of accurately interpreting ambiguous information.
  11. Many landmark court decisions turn on the interpretation of ambiguous language.
  12. Religious and other schisms often occur when ambiguous information is dogmatically interpreted in new ways.
  13. Conspiracy theories are often based on novel interpretations of ambiguous information.
  14. Animal rights controversies are often based on interpretations of our ambiguous understanding of sentience.
  15. Slavery is justified by asserting differing interpretations of what it is to be human.
  16. The resolve to go to war is often bolstered by asserting one interpretation of ambiguous information. Prominent examples include:
    1. The Gulf of Tonkin resolution
    2. The Iraq Resolution
  17. Ideologies are often neatly packaged assemblies of interpretations of ambiguous information.
  18. The words justice, freedom, fairness, equality, ownership, trespass, and many others are inherently ambiguous. Various interpretations of these words are the basis for many disputes.