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Everyday you most likely get emails. A lot of them being junk ads and spams. But I am almost sure that you did not know the history behind a lot of the famous email scams that are out there.

Section one: Amazon Scams

Email scams tend to target big corporate companies. Ones like amazon that everyone is desperate to get gift cards to is perfect.

Scam #1: Thank you! Amazon

This scam originates in France inside a museum. It is an affiliate of a known scam, National Consumer Survey. The email tells you that you have won an amazon gift card and when you click the link you are redirected to a page that gives you a survey for the card. Once you finish, the email and the website is funded by affiliates and you never get a prize.

Scam #2: AmazonStoreCard

This scam, similar to Thank You! Amazon, originates in France. It is also an affiliate of National Consumer Survey, however the email states you only have limited time to grab hold of your free $50 customer card.

Section two: Other Gift Card Scams

Email spammers use other big companies to email because most people have gmail emails. And since gmail is made by google, and amazon is affiliated with google, emails for amazon might not go through. So, they use big companies like Macy's, Target, and Walgreen's. They do the same thing that amazon scams do.

Section three: Food Email Scams

Companies that are also affiliated with National Consumer Survey will use big food companies, usually Burger King, (there is a Thank you! Burger King similar to Amazon) McDonald's, and Subway. They will either tell you that you have won a gift card or won a free year full of free food.

Section four: Freebie Scams

This type of email scam, the most known company that scams you being Getitfree, affiliated with National Consumer Survey, is telling you that you have won free samples of a product. They usually start off as a survey and then you will literally send you samples. However, when then say its free, if you do not cancel your order within a month, they will kep coming to your address, and they will charge you. The most frequent type of freebies is Gillette razors and magazines.

Section five: GOLD Credit Card Emails

This type of email, an advertisement, is usually affiliated with an advertisement search engine. This engine emails you random advertisements. The emails have domains that just redirect to error pages. The owner of the domains, and, is named Richard Hawking. His email is, which was flagged as invalid. He apparently owns a resort in Pennsylvania and is not responsible for the emails. These emails seem to be the work of a robot.

Section six: Loan Scams

Loan scams are the work of a robot almost guaranteed. They almost always come from California and redirect to loan affiliate pages. Whenever there is a cheap new domain extension, like .website, .men, .loan, etc. they always use them in their emails. This is one of the most popular email scams. They are actually sometimes affiliated with big loan companies that are legit, like lending tree.

Vacation Scams

These emails and phone calls give you a three question survey. Once you answer it, they tell you to say thank you, they will give you a free vacation to the Bahamas. Then, they put you on the line with a real person, and they tell you that all you are responsible for is a cheap $59/person fee. This is how you know they are fake. ONce you pay this fee, they never give you the cruise, they really just hook you up with an affiliate and make you pay full price.

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