Elementary Arabic I/Lesson:The Alphabet

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[edit | edit source]
Letter Name Pronunciation (IPA)
ا Alif Example
ب Baa [b] Like "b" as in "bat" or "cab."
ت Taa [t] Like "t" as in "ten" or "trout."
ث Thaa [θ] Like "th" as in "thick" or "empathy."
ج Jiim [dʒ] Like "j" as in "jug" or the j- or g-like sounds in the words "pleasure" and "azure" (varies regionally).
ح Haa [h] Like "h" in "hat" but constrict your throat muscles more.
خ Khaa [x] Guttural sound hardly heard in English, like "ch" in "loch."
د Daal [d] Like "d" as in "dad."
ذ Dhaal [ð] Like "th" as in "this" or ‌‌‌‍‍"them." like the Greek delta.
ر Raa [ɾ] Rolled "r" like in Spanish. Like "r" in "very" if pronounced "veddy."
ز Zeiy [z] Like "z" as in "zip."
س Siin
ش Shiin Example
ص Saad Example
ض Daad Example
ط Taa' Example
ظ Dhaa' Example
ع Aeyn Example
غ Ghaeyn Example
ف Faa' Example
ق Qaaf Example
ك Kaaf Example
ل Laam Example
م Miin Example
ن Nuun Example
ه Haa' Example
و Waaw Example
ي Yaa' Example
ى Alif Maq-Suura Example
ة Taa' Marbuu-Ta Example