Electric VLSI Design System

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The Electric VLSI Design System is software released under the LGPL, currently at version 8.04.

VLSI is stands for "Very Large Scale Integration", and it relates to the IC fabrication, with a number of transistors greater than 100,000 per chip

VLSI also related to VHDL "Very high speed IC Hardware Description Language", and Verilog , which are a Hardware description languages, but they are related to the Digital design part of VLSI

Mainly VLSI technology can be divided to a three branches,

Analog VLSI: this branch dedicated to the transistor level and to the fabrication, also dedicated to the analog circuit analysis to fabricate the IC with the highest Technology (you can find terms like: transistor, CMOS, Gate, Capacitance, modulation effect, parasitic capacitance, channel length, clean room, lithography .... etc) in this branch

Digital VLSI: is the branch which is dedicated to deal with VLSI in digital design, a part from its lower level in Analog and transistor level(you can find terms like: FPGA, VHDL, Verilog, Adder, Digital design, Multiplexers, Processors design,.....etc)

Mixed Signal VLSI: is the branch the communicate the first branch with the second, which is responsiable to convert the analog signals to digital and digital to analog .