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Overview of the ejump 2.0 New Assessment Methods Course

Studying method(s)

New Assessment Methods -course can be studied independently concentrating to content, links and discussions of wikiversity. Another option is to implement the course as tutored and with student support services. It is aloud to use these wikiversity materials as part of educational organisations own courses.

New Assessment Methods -course concentrates to learner-centred view of assessment and to the use of social media in assessment. Course offers exciting new opportunities for learning with social media and pulls learners into interaction and from knowledge-receiving students into active, knowledge-making students. Use of wiki and process writing makes learning process transparent and learning outputs are sustainable here at wikiversity. Future courses continue working with new materials and discussions of New Assessment Methods -course.


The aim of this course is to make all participants familiar with social media and provide a place to try different methods of assessment and learn from these experiences so that we can describe assessment in social media and learn how to use them together. For further information please visit: Innovative assessment across the disciplines An analytical review of the literature (especially pages 16 and 51).

Aim of the course is also to gather together practices, ideas and experiences of assessment when using social media.


Within the New Assessment Methods course, participants will be provided with introductions to 3 major technologies; ePortfolios, blogs and wikis.

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