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This is just a simple list of some educational videos and movies that may be very useful for educational purposes.

Documentary filming and editing technique videos[edit | edit source]

The link below accesses a video of mine that relates to techniques I've used in Documentary Filmmaking.

I thought it might be useful to present them in a Video Tutorial:

Important videos[edit | edit source]

about learning and understanding[edit | edit source]

First there are these famous videos about learning itself. You can view these videos free online.

Both "A Private Universe" and "Minds of Our Own" start out with interviews of Harvard graduates on the day of their graduation. They are asked deceptively simple questions or given simple tasks, such as, given a bulb, wire and battery, can you make this light bulb light? A significant proportion of students cannot. These videos highlight the nature of understanding, and how too often our courses (at both the K-12 and college levels) are failing to properly help students understand what we are teaching. Instead, we are using tests of superficial and easily memorized facts and trivia, which are quickly forgotten by students after the course is over.

free dvd of the above:

Non-Profit Documentary Videos and Series[edit | edit source]

These are some videos seen recently on TV channels such as PBS, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, and so forth.

Comets: Prophets of Doom
about the theory that comets brought the components needed for the formation of life on earth

Little Ice Age: Big Chill
Interesting look at how a drop of a few degrees in temperature during the middle ages affected human life. Interesting things like about how wheat wouldn't grow well anymore, so people had to switch to potatoes, but the church said eating potatoes was evil.

How Art Made the World
Great stuff on art and the meanings and origins of religious symbols and how they relate to social issues. How for example reminding people about their own deaths (like with the crucifixion) elicits fear and dislike for outsiders.

Guns, Germs, and Steel - based on book by Jared Diamond

Scientific American Frontiers - hosted by Alan Alda and Woody Flowers
some interactive stuff is archived:
Great shows on cognition, technology, science, etc.

Modern Marvels
Series on various topics, such as an episode on water. That episode explained some of the unique characteristics of water and how these characteristics helped facilitate life. It allso explained heavy water (water with an extra neutron), and how it is useful in nuclear power production (neutrons from the uranium rods bounce off water molecules rather than being absorbed by the water, thus better creating kinetic energy, or heat).

Educational Movies and Shows[edit | edit source]

Some various movies which have quite a bit of educational value, although some are perhaps too violent for younger audiences.

Video collections[edit | edit source]

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