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Currents, and Circuits, and Variables, Oh My!

Grade Level: 8th grade
Subject: Physical science
Sub-Subject: Electric circuit and the Scientific Method
Length/Duration: 1 90-100 min. period
Technologies Used: Electric Circuit Simulator, Create a Graph, Moodle

Who Am I?

Grade Level: 9th grade
Subject: Advisory course
Sub-Subject: Focus on self, culture, community and college
Length/Duration: 3-4 days
Technologies Used: iMovie, PikiWiki, Memory Miner

Visual Thinking Strategies

Grade Level: Museum learning, all ages
Subject: Climate change awareness
Length/Duration: 2 hours
Technologies Used: YouTube, Blogger, Facebook, Make Beliefs Comix

Fostering Classroom Norms: Using Wikispaces

Grade Level: 4th-8th grade
Subject: Core subjects and electives
Sub-Subject: Character education/Earth charter principles
Length/Duration: 2 class periods (1 hour each)/on-going
Technologies Used: Wikispaces

Stem Cell Workshop

Grade Level: Museum educators
Subject: Stem cells
Sub-Subject: Developing and sharing opinions on a controversial topic
Length/Duration: 2 workshops, 3 hours in length
Technologies Used: Go!Animate, Blogger

Normal vs Not Normal

Grade Level: 9th grade
Subject: Humanities course
Sub-Subject: Normal vs not normal
Length/Duration: 1-2 days
Technologies Used: Glogster

Learning is Active

Grade Level: 9th-12th grade
Subject: Biology
Sub-Subject: Assessments
Length/Duration: Varies
Technologies Used: Google Docs, aniBOOM, ToonDoo, Windows Movie Maker

Action- Reflection

Grade Level: 9th-12th grade
Subject: Biology
Sub-Subject: Cardiovascular system
Length/Duration: 3-4 80-minute class periods
Technologies Used: Google Docs, Google Groups, Vernier Software and Probeware

Online Autism Resources for Early Childhood Special Education Parents and Teachers

Grade Level: Pre-school
Subject: Online resources
Sub-Subject: Autism
Length/Duration: 30 minutes
Technologies Used: Links to various websites useful in the Pre-school Special Day Class

Communication Devices in the Preschool Classroom

Grade Level: Pre-school
Subject: Parent Education
Sub-Subject: Communication devices
Length/Duration: 45 minutes
Technologies Used: PECS, GoTalk, Tech/Speak, Dynavox/Mayer-Johnson, Proloquo2Go

Staying True to My Paradigm?

Grade Level: 8th grade
Subject: AVID
Sub-Subject: Self-esteem/Paradigm recognition
Length/Duration: 2 60 min. periods
Technologies Used: Jing, ComicLife, digital camera

Online Communication Efficacy

Grade Level: Collegiate level teachers preparation
Subject: Online communication efficacy
Sub-Subject: Improving international online dialogues
Length/Duration: 60 min.
Technologies Used: Secondary Translation to Other Common Languages

The Truth is Out There

Grade Level: All grade levels
Subject: The Truth is Out There
Sub-Subject: Seeking and spreading the truth online
Length/Duration: 60 min.
Technologies Used: Computer Accessed - Internet Research and Information Web Sites

Mapping My World

Grade Level: 9th grade
Subject: Advanced Earth Science
Sub-Subject: Topographic maps and remote sensing
Length/Duration: 2 class periods/1 block period: 1 hr 40 min.
Technologies Used: Google Earth, Jing, Facebook

Secondary Science

Grade Level: 9th grade
Subject: Earth Science
Sub-Subject: Variables & communicating in science
Length/Duration: 50 min.
Technologies Used: Masses and Spring Lab Simulator, Create a Graph