Educational OpenSource Operating System

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In this learning resource we address the approach of an Educational OpenSource Operating System. The learning objective of an Open Source Operating System is the tailored design of the operating system for a specific educational purpose. OpenSource idea allow the adaptation, improvement of source code for a specific need and learn about the basic components in an Operating System for specific educational objectives.

Mobile Devices - Desktop Computers[edit | edit source]

The learning content will be elaborated with existing Open Source operating systems:

  • for desktop computers it can be based on a Linux of your choice, that might be already used at the eduction already on Desktop PCs or
  • for mobile devices it will be elaborated on the Mobile operating system LineageOS.

Workflow[edit | edit source]

The first step is to identify the requirements and constraints of the operating system for Digital Learning Environments.

Linux Operating System for Educational Environments[edit | edit source]

Linux operating system can be configure and adapted to specific purpose (add specific apps, create specific API that create less vulnerability for the IT infrastructure the mobile devices should be used in (e.g. educational setting, schools, universities, ...). Analyse the concept of Open Source Tool RemasterSys and explain how an infratructure must be designed to transfer that concept to Android! What are the requirements and constraints of such an approach.