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Gallery of featured media for information technology

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The Personal Computer (PC)
Personal computer, exploded 5.svg
1. Monitor
2. Motherboard
3. CPU (Microprocessor)
4. Main memory (RAM)
5. Expansion cards
6. Power supply unit
7. Optical disc drive
8. Hard disk drive (HDD)
9. Keyboard.
10. Mouse
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This image is a part of the Educational Media Awareness Campaign, raising awareness among educators about the availability and usage of millions of free internet media in education.

Hello there. PC pictures are really fine but... remember about new technologies. There are not only Hard Drives Devices or CD ROMs... There are SSD and CD/DVD/Br (Blue-rays) too. Not every PC today have got HDD onboard. Some have already SSD only. Times has changed. Picture is not actual and may force someone to an mistake when not know (kids) what PC is. Add this info, please. Thank you for your work is really important. Thank you for your knowledge and many more. Thank you for your time. Best luck. Fix your pictures. No matter what, these are great. Thank you.