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The word amber derives from Arabic [ ʿanbar عنبر] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help), which means "floating on the sea" (amber has lower density than seawater).

Amber is the fossil resin of pine trees. Sometimes it has inclusions of parts of plants or insects. Yellow amber is the most widespread one, although there are many varieties ranging from orange to red, white to coffee and even green to black. The most highly prized amber is transparent. Succinite, or Baltic amber is considered one of the most beautiful amber varieties.

Amber with insect inclusion

Basic properties[edit]

Composition about C10H16O
Class Organic
Crystal system Amorphous
Mohs' hardness 2-3
Fracture Conchoidal, brittle
Cleavage None
Lustre greasy, resinous
Streak White
Localities Countries around the Baltic Sea, Russia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Spain