Economics and Personal Finance/The Power of Advertising

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The goal is to create a presentation using on the power of advertising and how it influences your consumer choices.

Strategy 1[edit | edit source]

UNICEF is using the empathy appeal to convince watchers to share this advertisement
The JAAGO foundation is using the empathy appeal to convince watchers to donate to their foundation

Empathy Appeal


The Empathy Appeal is when a company formats an advertisement in a way that invokes human emotions, such as empathy. Companies may use the empathy appeal as a way of advertising since "...when our [people] emotions are awakened, we can be tremendously caring." (Dan Ariely, Professor of psychology at Duke University). When people's emotions have been brought out, they may be more swayed to follow what the advertisers are asking for.

Strategy 2[edit | edit source]

The advertisers are showcasing an ointment which can relieve pain as fast as a cheetah can run (implying that there will be super fast relief)
A company advertises a product which aims to relieve joint pain ("get ready to live without pain")

Pain Solution


The pain solution is where companies present their product as a solution to a problem/a painful situation. If watchers see that a product can help them in some time of pain that they're facing, this would trigger them to go out of there way and buy the product.

Strategy 3[edit | edit source]

This advertisement is aiming to use statistics appeal (nutritious values) in order to convince their viewers to buy their chips
This advertisement is asking its watchers to donate to the Cooper Health Institute in order to fasten the opening of blocked arteries. The CHI uses statistics (32 minutes faster than the national average of 90) in order to persuade its viewers to donate

Statistics Appeal


The statistics appeal presents a product with statistics. This appeal can show "concrete proof" to people that are rational and need proof that a product is useful and really works like the advertisers are claiming it to work like.

Strategy 4[edit | edit source]

KFC is using the endorsement appeal method to get its viewers to buy their product (chicken). Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the most popular athlete on Earth, must've provided a huge sales effect on KFC
Virat Kohli, one of the most famous Indian cricketers, is endorsing the Celkon Mobile Phone, which definitely must've had an impact on the phone's sales

Endorsement Appeal


The endorsement appeal is when, usually, a popular celebrity supports a certain product. Although these celebrities have little to do with the product, their effect on the sales of the product is tremendous! Many people might feel motivated to buy a certain product just because their favorite celebrity is endorsing it!

Strategy 5[edit | edit source]


Youth Appeal


The youth appeal is when advertisers present a product as a way that can make people feel younger. It is natural for people to want to feel young, so advertisers take advantage of this desire and use it to the best of their ability. Usually, the product in question can enhance the looks of people to be younger or can make them feel more energetic and stronger (characteristics of being young).