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Earth Stations are specific locales on Earth that support Space activities of many different sorts. These can be "real" or "imagined" facilities for planning real communities such as Ecovillages or fictional places that can be designed and conceptually built for learning game projects such as cisLunarFreighter.


Earth Stations exist within the range of Earth-bound facilities that inherit certain qualities which afford them unique properties:

  1. Communication with space | air | land craft, mobile units
  2. Facilitation for services rendered, goods produced or personnel housed
  3. Coordination with lower and higher eschelons of organization

These properties are the very most basic of properties possessed by all organizational units within the entire system. They are also inherant in enemy units. In addittion to the properties, Earth Stations inherit attributes such as defined and undefined qualities, abstract and physical dimensions, finite and infinite resources, constrained and loose variabilities, and so forth. It may be safely assumed that all organizational entities are unique, thus completely and repletely "definable".

For *instance*:

  • Earth Station/Alpha - the *equivalent* of the Biblical Salem (City of Righteousness). This is the most developed Earth Station located on Antarctica. It is a "city-under-glass".
  • Earth Station/Beta - a "nominal" British colony known for its ability to "pull-up-stakes" and move on short notice.
  • Earth Station/Centauri - a "nominal" American eco-unit, quite stationary and vulnerable, but during peacetime, extremly productive.
  • Earth Station/Gamma - <unknown> but nearly identical to and connected intrinsically with Delta
  • Earth Station/Delta - <unknown> but nearly identical to and connected intrinsically with Gamma
  • ...ES/X... <shell> add a station here
  • Earth Station/Zebra - an *outpost* at the North Pole... a VOR coordinate system transponder and its support community.