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Attribution: User Trinity507 created this resource and is actively using it. Please coordinate future development with this user if possible.

Trinity507's ethnobotany research project

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My current work in progress; I'm trying to document all the plants that I can identify, memorize their Latin names and record their traditional uses. My primary emphasis is on traditional Native American uses, especially by the Anishinabe (Ojibwa or Chippewa) people. Please see the indexes to start browsing my work! I plan to start uploading my own images of these plants soon, but for now I'm just using Commons images.


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Bibliography and sources

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A note: I have not copied text or information directly from these books or websites. I have used them to obtain free information such as Latin names, etc. and also for information on chemical constituents. I am listing them here as places that got me started on my own original research and good sources for any amateur or professional ethnobotanist. If you have any copyright concerns, please let me know right away!

  • The Magic and Medicine of Plants by Reader's Digest, ISBN 0-89577-221-3
  • Plants Used by the Great Lakes Ojibwa by Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission, ISBN 0-9665820-1-2
  • Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases