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Lesson Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Understand the dangers of posting information about yourself on the internet.
  • Know ways to reduce this risk

Starter[edit | edit source]

Can you control your photos?[edit | edit source]

  • You post an embarrassing picture of yourself onto your social network.
  • From all of your friends only 2 like it and share it. So now 3 people have seen it (you and 2 friends)
  • From all of their friends, again only 2 people for each person like and share it. There are now 7 people who have seen it (You, Friend A, Friend A’s 2 friends, Friend B and Friend B’s 2 friends)
  • Complete the following table:
Who see’s it Just double the number above Add the number of friends to the previous total
You 1 1
Your 2 friends 2 3 (2 more friends added to 1 above)
Their 2 friends 4 7 (4 more friends added to 3 above)
Their 2 friends 8 15 (8 more friends added to 7 above)
Their 2 friends 16 31 (16 more friends added to 15 above)
Their 2 friends 32 63 (32 more friends added to 31 above)
Their 2 friends 64 127 (64 more friends added to 63 above)
Their 2 friends 128 255 (128 more friends added to 127 above)
Their 2 friends 256 511 (256 more friends added to 255 above)
Their 2 friends 512 1023 (512 more friends added to 511 above)

How many people have seen your photo?

1023 people.

Task 1[edit | edit source]

On the blank paper you have create a ‘profile’ of yourself that you might put on a social network. For pictures just type description,

First Name: Ben

Last Name: Fuj

Date Of Birth: 21/ 11/83

-Relationship: Single

Country: Norway

Telephone: +44 0199646901

<Picture of me posing to the camera>

Teacher demonstration[edit | edit source]

So, thinking of the starter, how many people saw your photo?[edit | edit source]

  • 1,023
  • But that’s OK you can delete it
  • Unfortunately, only your copy, so there are still 1,022 copies circulating the internet.
  • But that’s OK, you trust your friends…
  • But...
  • Your know/trust your friends – all OK
  • But they shared it with their friends – still OK, you know most of them.
  • But they shared it with their friends. One of these ‘friends’ is actually an older brother aged 21 – still OK, you’ve been to their house and met him
  • He shared it with his friends, including everyone in his rugby team, everybody he works with, a friend he met at university whose family come from Spain, a stranger he met online whilst playing a game and his ex-girlfriend.
  • Who knows who they all shared it with…

Task 2[edit | edit source]

Who is at risk?[edit | edit source]

We can work out the place and time where some of these people will be. From the information who will be alone, where and when will they be and what do they look like?

  • LizzyB’s MyBook Profile
  • Name: Elizabeth Bell
  • Profile Pic: <LizzyB>
  • Address: <blank>
  • Mobile: <blank>
  • School: <blank>
  • In a relationship with ScottyBoy
  • Friends: SallyJ, JennyP
  • Interest: Play in school hockey team.
  • Status: Can’t find my shin pads - someone please lend me some!
  • SallyJ’s MyBook Profile
  • Name: Sally James
  • Profile Pic: <Pic of SallyJ>
  • Address: <blank>
  • Mobile: <blank>
  • School: <blank>
  • In a relationship with JimQ
  • Friends: LizzyB
  • Interest: Love 1 Direction!
  • Status: Can’t wait ‘til break to catch up on gossip with LizzyB and JennyP.

Jenny Price

  • JennyP’s MyBook Profile
  • Name: Jenny Price
  • Profile Pic: <Jenny P in my disguisting school Uniform!>
  • Address: <blank>
  • Mobile: <blank>
  • School: <blank>
  • In a relationship with DomR
  • Friends: SallyJ
  • Interest: Horses
  • Status: Hockey match at home after school, then back to SallyJ’s for sleepover.
  • ScottyBoy’s MyBook Profile
  • Name: Scott Smith
  • Profile Pic: <ScottyBoy & LizzyB>
  • Address: Sawtry
  • Mobile: <blank>
  • School: <blank>
  • In a relationship with LizzyB
  • Friends: DanD, FredB
  • Interests: Rugby, football
  • Status: Going into Peterborough with mates straight from school.

Answer[edit | edit source]

  • We know that LizzyB is in a relationship with ScottyBoy and is friends with the other two girls, so probably all know each other.
  • We know JennyP is playing hockey ‘at home’ after school.
  • We know ScottyBoy lives in Sawtry. JennyP is wearing her school uniform in her status pic. If we compare this to SawtryCC we would know she goes to SawtryCC
  • Sally’s status says she can’t wait until break – so all 3 girls go to the same school.
  • LizzyB plays for the school Hockey team and cannot find her shin pad – so probably playing tonight.
  • ScottyBoy is going to Peterborough after school. SallyJ and JennyP are having a sleep over so probably going home together.
  • LizzyB will be left on her own, at Sawtry school, just after the hockey match. We know what she looks like thanks to ScottyBoy’s profile.

So despite LizzyB being VERY careful on her profile, doing a little bit of detective work we soon determines where and when she is at risk.

From the information given we don’t know where she lives and whether she will be making her own way home or being collected, but we have only pieced together a couple of facts.

Teacher demonstration[edit | edit source]

PrivacySettings[edit | edit source]

One way to reduce risk is to adjust your privacy settings.

  • Make sure NOTHING is posted to the internet as ‘public’
  • Set default to ‘Friends’

But remember, this does not STOP the risk, it just reduces it. If you share with friends, they can generally still share with their friends, and we saw where that can lead.

But what if they share to public?

Task 3[edit | edit source]

Woking in pairs, discuss each other’s profiles that you created for Task 1

What can you change to make it safer?