Doctor of Philosophy/Candidature

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This simple course will guide you in the steps to becoming a successful candidate in the ONPhD. See the course on P2PU, and the manual for earning the badge

OnPhD Candidacy Badge System
  1. Describe your learning history - This is a cumulative description of all the works (formal and informal) you have completed to be considered toward your candidacy for an ONPhD
  2. Identify your domain of study - The described domain of study should be both broad and focused. This is to allow others to get a sense of both the knowledge domain and your focus.
  3. Detail your contribution - What of considerable significance are you going to contribute to your chosen subject domain of knowledge?
  4. Methodology - Completion of a PhD requires a significant reseach project or major contribution to your chosen knowledge domain.
  5. Skills and Knowledge Development - Completion of a PhD level of knowing also requires the development of other related skills and knowledge.
  6. Engage the community - How are you going to engage the learning community and your learning network
  7. Seek supervision and endorsements - Identify the people in your learning network who are going to assist on your learning journey and help you get to finished..