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This lesson introduces Docker orchestration.

Objectives and Skills[edit | edit source]

Objectives and skills for this lesson include:[1]

  • Complete the setup of a swarm mode cluster, with managers and worker nodes
  • State the differences between running a container vs running a service
  • Demonstrate steps to lock a swarm cluster
  • Extend the instructions to run individual containers into running services under swarm
  • Interpret the output of “docker inspect” commands
  • Convert an application deployment into a stack file using a YAML compose file with “docker stack deploy”
  • Manipulate a running stack of services
  • Increase number of replicas
  • Illustrate running a replicated vs global service
  • Mount volumes
  • Add networks, publish ports
  • Identify the steps needed to troubleshoot a service not deploying
  • Apply node labels to demonstrate placement of tasks
  • Sketch how a Dockerized application communicates with legacy systems
  • Paraphrase the importance of quorum in a swarm cluster
  • Demonstrate the usage of templates with “docker service create”

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