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Topic Summary[edit | edit source]

Summarize what was covered during this topic through the lecture, discussion, and the readings assigned this week. 

Insights[edit | edit source]

Go beyond your summary, synthesize what you learned on this topic, drawing in personal insights and that of your peers, the content, what you read in class and in the media

What does advocacy look like here?[edit | edit source]

Considering your topic, respond to the following: 1. How can advocates use technology and data-based practice to further their advocacy efforts? And 2. How are current and emergent technologies presenting challenges in society, and how can advocates work in pursuit of better, fairer, and more just technology?

Annotated References[edit | edit source]

cite what we covered in class and include 4 additional resources you find on the topic. Cite resources that are related to the topic, they can be in agreement with the topic, extending it, in disagreement or present conflict with the topic.