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Theatre of Blood[edit | edit source]

The Theatre of Blood is an arena located inside the castle Ver Sinhaza. Verzik Vitur, the ruler of this arena and the final boss, encouraged the citizens to fight in this arena for a chance at obtaining their freedom from the vampyres. This promise of freedom was a lie, in order to give false hope to the citizens.

The Theatre consists of having a group of 1-5 players challenge all the bosses in the order of Maiden of Sugadinti, Pestilent Bloat, Nylocas Vasilias, Sotetseg, Xarpus, and finally Verzik Vitur. The boss fights scale up or down in difficulty depending on the amount of players in the group. [1] If a member/members of the group dies, the remaining players have to defeat the current room by themselves. Successfully defeating the boss room will bring the dead players back in the group for the next boss. If no one survives the room, then the party is removed from the arena and everyone is required to pay 100,000 gold to re-obtain their items from a chest. Besides participating in the arena, players are also able to spectate participants.


The current boss information displayed here is obtained from in game mechanics, from the game Old School Runescape

Maiden of Sugadinti[edit | edit source]

Maiden of Sugadinti is the first boss in the arena, the fight focusing on a blood theme. Throughout the fight she will create blood spawns that randomly travel the room leaving a blood trail. Stepping in this blood trail will cause damage and heal the boss until the player gets off the blood. Her attacks consist of magic based attacks, and she occasionally throws out blood splats that have the same mechanics as the blood trails.

When the boss is lowered below 70%, 50%, and 30% of her max health, she spawns Nylocas Matamenos that travel towards her. Upon reaching the Maiden, the Nylocas heal her for up to 200 health and increase her damage. This creates pressure for the team to kill the Nylocas Matamenos before they reach the boss.

Pestilent Bloat[edit | edit source]

The Pestilent Bloat is the second boss of the arena. The Bloat walks clockwise or counterclockwise around the room. If a player gets too close to the boss, flies will be sent towards the player every game tick. The flies do 10-20 damage each, and they spread to other party members. Throughout the fight flesh will fall to random areas of the room. If a player gets hit by this falling flesh, they will be stunned and be dealt with 30-50 damage.

After the boss travels a couple cycles around the room, he will stop moving for a few seconds allowing the players to damage him. When the boss begins to move again, anyone that is too close to the boss will be hit by a large amount of damage.

After this room is cleared, the team is allowed to resupply from a chest using their performance points.

Nylocas Vasilias[edit | edit source]

Nylocas Vasilias is the third boss of the arena. This room consists of four pillars, and a large swarm of nylocas. Nylocas are colored based on the combat style they can be attacked by. The blue Nylocas, Nylocas Hagios, are damaged by magic attacks. The green Nylocas, Nylocas Toxobolos, are damaged by range attacks. The grey Nylocas, Nylocas Ischyros, are damaged by melee attacks. Attacking a Nylocas with the wrong type of combat style will result it becoming invulnerable to that players damage. The Nylocas attack the pillars in the room, and if any pillar reaches 0 health they fall down dealing massive damage to everyone in the room. If all four pillars fall, the whole team is wiped.

After finishing the Nylocas waves, a large Nylocas called Nylocas Vasilias appears. It has a large health pool, and changes colors indicating what combat style to use. If a player attacks Vasilias with the wrong attack style, the damage is reflected to the player.

Sotetseg[edit | edit source]

Sotetseg is the fourth boss of the theatre. He does melee attacks, and sends range/mage orbs at the player. If the player doesn't have the correct prayer for the orb's attack style, then they will be damaged along with not being able to pray for five seconds. Sotetseg also has the ability to fire a large red orb that does 115 damage to one player. This damage can be split between other players as long as they stand next to the targeted player.

After Sotetseg's health drops to 66.6% and 33.3%, one player is sent to the shadow realm and the rest of the team is sent to the beginning of the room. The player in the shadow realm has to follow the red marked tiles in order to lead their teammates safely across the maze. Every step the player in the shadow realm takes is shown to the players that are not in the realm. If the players outside the realm walks off course from the red marked tiles displayed in the realm, they will take damage.

After the players complete this room, a second supply chest is provided in order for the team to restock their supplies.

Xarpus[edit | edit source]

Xarpus is the fifth boss in the theatre. In the beginning, bones come out of the ground randomly. These bones increase Xarpus' health pool. The players can stand on these bones in order to prevent the boss from obtaining more health.

After Xarpus finishes increasing his health pool, the players are able to attack him. During this time the boss will throw poisonous blobs out at the players. These blobs mark the tiles where they are thrown at, causing anyone who stands on that tile to take poisonous damage. Along with marking tiles, the blobs also split apart going towards to another player.

When the boss reaches 22.5% health, he stops throwing the poisonous blobs and begins to randomly turn to one quadrant of the room. Any player that attacks the boss while standing in the quadrant the boss is facing will be dealt high damage.

After the room is complete, there is a skeleton on the floor with a staff called Dawnbringer. Players can search this skeleton to obtain the staff, which can be used in the final boss fight.

Verzik Vitur[edit | edit source]

Verzik Vitur is the final boss of the theatre.

The first phase of this fight consists of the team destroying her shield. The players will have to use Dawnbringer's special attack to effectively damage most of her shield. In order to avoid getting hit by Verzik, the players will have to hide behind one of the 8 pillars in the room. After phase 1 is over with, every pillar will fall causing anyone who stands next to it to take heavy damage.

In the second phase, Verzik spawns exploding Nylocas, throws a blue orb and green range bombs towards the players. If the blue orb travels between every player, the last player will take high damage. To prevent the blue orb from traveling between players, the team will have to position themselves between Verzik so that the orb goes through her. If anyone stands under Verzik, or next to her, she will push them back dealing damage and stunning them. When she reaches 35% health, she stops throwing blue orbs, and instead does magic attacks and continues throwing the green bombs. During this part, two Nylocas appear providing a way for Verzik to heal. To prevent Verzik from healing a high amount of health, the players are able to attack these Nylocas since their health is the same amount she can heal.

When her health pool hits 0%, she turns into a spider. In the third phase she uses melee, range, and magic attacks. During this fight, she has a rotation of special attacks. The first special move is spawning Nylocas. The second special move consists of her walking to the center of the room and throwing webs out. Players who are caught in the webs are stuck unless a teammate attacks the web on them. If no one frees the stuck player, they will take a medium amount of damage. During the third special move she will create one yellow pool on the floor for each player to stand on. Whoever doesn't stand on a pool will take high damage. If more than one person stands on the same pool, they both will take damage. The last special is a green bomb that does high damage to one player. This phase the group can either pass the orb to minimize the total damage, or have one player take all of the damage. This cycle repeats throughout the fight.

When Verzik's health pool reaches 20%, purple tornados spawn, following every player. If a tornado reaches the targeted player, the player will take damage and Verzik would heal that damage. Upon defeating Verzik, the players are able to enter the rewards vault.


Rewards[edit | edit source]

The theatre of blood awards the players with a melee armor set, melee weapons, and a staff. The melee armor set is a tank based armor set called justiciar. The melee weapons include an attachable defender hilt, a rapier, and a scythe. The hilt is called the Avernic defender hilt, where it is attached to a dragon defender to upgrade its stats. The rapier is called the ghrazi rapier, which is a non-degradable stab weapon. The scythe is the rarest melee weapon, called the scythe of vitur. This weapon can hit three times in one attack, splitting the damage by 100%, 50% and 25% each hit. The staff is called Sanguinesti staff, where it has a 1/6 chance of healing the player when they attack. Every time a group completes the theatre, there's a chance one player in the group would get one of these drops. The most valuable player in the group has higher chances of getting the drop compared to the rest of the players. The chance of receiving a rare item is lowered with every player death.[2] If the player does not hit the rare drop table, they instead obtain items in the form of supplies, herbs, runes, or vials of blood. The amount obtained is increased depending on the player's performance.


Performance[edit | edit source]

Individual performance is determined on the amount of damage dealt to bosses, and if the player died. At the end of the theatre the group can look at the performance details which displays the death counter, the time it took for each room, and who was the most valuable player in the team. A player's performance also determines the amount of points they are given to buy supplies while in the arena. These points can be spent in resource chests that are located in the Bloat boss room and the Sotetseg boss room. The player can purchase a four dose saradomin brew for three points, a four dose super restore for three points, a four dose prayer potion for two points, a sea turtle for two points, a manta ray for two points, a four dose stamina potion for one point, a mushroom potato for one point, or a shark for one point. [3] The maximum amount of points a player can obtain is 26 points, 13 points being obtainable by the time the player reaches the first chest in the Bloat room. Due to the theatre of blood being timed as well, there are records of who obtained the fastest time in completing it. The theatre also records the amount of completions, deaths and the largest amount of completed theatres by one player. [4]

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