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Hannah Alexander

Summary[edit | edit source]

Hannah Alexander is a digital artist.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Hannah Alexander was born on March 8, 1989 in England[1]. She is from Hampshire, United Kingdom[2]. She has been doing art since she was a child[3]. It started off when she was six years old; her aunt brought her an easel and took her out to work in the countryside[4]. She was a self-taught artist until she attended a course in Fashion Design and Production as a teenager.

Education and Influences[edit | edit source]

Before becoming an artist, she worked as a registered veterinary nurse[5]. Hannah has been educated in art department in 2000s [6]. She earned A Levels in Art and Textile Design and Photography in 2007, her Foundation Degree in Art and Textile design in 2008, and additional Higher Education in Fashion Design and Production in 2010 [7].

Notable Work[edit | edit source]

Hannah has done some artwork on Disney Princesses, DC villains, and anime icons. Fans love her take on familiar characters seen through an Art Nouveau lens. Subjects such as Mulan, Sailor Moon, Jasmine, and Thumbelina come alive in her Mucha-inspired renditions. Many admirers enjoy making up her designs and attending cosplay events dressed up as the characters. According to her website, Hannah gives a blanket permission for fans to create her designs as costumes but requests that proper credit be given whenever a photo is posted online (Alexander f-a-q).

Other Work[edit | edit source]

She ran her own company, Never Bird Designs, which is her online shop “dedicated to creating art. jewelry, and crafts inspired by fairytales, myths, and folklore” [8]. Many of her designs and other materials are available on Etsy. She has published two books, Cosplay Concepts Vol. 1 and Vol.2, which have full illustration galleries while using her inspirations in her designs. Vol.1 was published on April 23, 2018. Hannah also published the second volume recently.

Biography[edit | edit source]

She is 30 years old today [9] She is a full-time artist and costume designer. She currently resides in rural England [10]. Hannah “specializes in digital art, costume design, and watercolor portraiture” [11]. Her style combines “modern art and retro art Nouveau” [12]. She is known for “creating elaborate costume designs for pop culture characters [13]”.

Artistic Influences[edit | edit source]

Hannah’s artwork incorporates inspiration and styles varying from Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau to Elie Saab, Narchessd, Studio Ghibli, Final Fantasy, William Waterhouse, and Disney”[14]. Art Nouveau, the 20th century art movement emphasizing curved, sinuous lines, and exquisite detail and sensuous influences most of her artwork. Hannah describes herself as “interested in creating Art Nouveau poster pieces, cosplay costume designs, and simplistic portraiture”[15].

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