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2011 Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt is one of the most popular hybrid cars in the commercial market today.With its extensive space inside,a powerful engine,reasonable price, and award winning emissions/safety standards; Volt has rapidly gained consumer confidence and has won many awards.

It was developed by General Motors and has been on the market since 2011. About 130,000 Volts have been sold in the United States since it was introduced in 2011[1].

History[edit | edit source]

The First Hybrid Car was invented by Ferdinand Porsche in 1899. Even Thomas Edison tried out the venture of creating a low cost electric car,but then Ford Model T came out it destroyed any chances for the development of an affordable electric car. The Cost of Model T was only $650[2] while the Electric car cost about $1750.

The development of electric vehicles picked up again when there was gasoline shortage in 1970s.Congress passed the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Research,Development and Demonstration Act of 1976 [3]to start research on electric and hybrid vehicles. The Hybrid cars were still not successful as their speed and range were limited when compared to gasoline cars. The interest in electric and hybrid technology gained momentum again in the 1990s with the passage of Clean Air Act Amendment and the 1992 Energy Policy Act.[4] In Addition California passed new emission regulations [5]which forced automakers to take another look at electric and hybrid technology in cars.[5]

In 2000, Toyota Prius was introduced which was the world's first mass produced hybrid electric vehicle.This became an instant hit and become the best selling hybrid worldwide. Success of Toyota Prius and entry of Tesla Motors propelled rest of the car makers to get in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles. In 2010 Chevrolet Volt (hybrid) and Nissan Leaf (electric) were introduced[6].

Specifications[edit | edit source]

EPA Fuel Economy Est - Hwy : MPG 42 (2016)
Cruising Range - City : mi 382.70
EPA Fuel Economy Est - City : MPG 43 (2016)
Fuel Economy Est-Combined : MPG 42 (2017)
Cruising Range - Hwy : mi 373.80
EPA MPG Equivalent - City : N/A
EPA MPG Equivalent - Hwy : N/A
EPA MPG Equivalent - Combined : 106 (2017)
Battery Range : mi 53

Fuel Tank[edit | edit source]

Fuel Tank Capacity, Approx : gal 8.9
Aux Fuel Tank Capacity, Approx : gal N/A

Cargo Area Dimensions[edit | edit source]

Trunk Volume : ft³ 10.6

Brakes[edit | edit source]

Brake Type : Regenerative
Brake ABS System : 4-Wheel

Emissions[edit | edit source]

Tons/yr of CO2 Emissions @ 15K mi/year : 1.3

Transmission[edit | edit source]

Drivetrain : Front wheel drive
Trans Order Code : MKV
Trans Type : 1
Trans Description Cont. : Automatic
Final Drive Axle Ratio (:1) : 2.64

Vehicle[edit | edit source]

EPA Classification : Compact Cars

Interior Dimensions[edit | edit source]

Passenger Capacity : 5
Passenger Volume : ft³ 90.0
Front Head Room : in 37.80
Front Leg Room : in 42.10
Front Shoulder Room : in 56.50
Front Hip Room : in 53.70
Second Head Room : in 35.80
Second Leg Room : in 34.70
Second Shoulder Room : in 53.20
Second Hip Room : in 51.30

Weight Information[edit | edit source]

Base Curb Weight : lbs 3543

Engine[edit | edit source]

Engine Order Code : L3A
Engine Type : Gas/Electric I4
Displacement : 1.5L/-TBD-
Fuel System : Direct Injection
SAE Net Horsepower @ RPM : 149
SAE Net Torque @ RPM : 294

Suspension[edit | edit source]

Suspension Type - Front : MacPherson Strut
Suspension Type - Rear : Compound Crank
Suspension Type - Front (Cont.) : w/Coil Springs
Suspension Type - Rear (Cont.) : w/Coil Springs

Wheels[edit | edit source]

Front Wheel Size : in 17 x 7.0
Rear Wheel Size : in 17 x 7.0
Front Wheel Material : Aluminum
Rear Wheel Material : Aluminum

Steering[edit | edit source]

Steering Type : Electric Pwr

Emissions[edit | edit source]

Emissions-Chevy Volt has about 60-70% less smog causing emissions [7]than other plug-in hybrids.It has consistently been awarded the Green Car of the Year award since 2015.

Safety[edit | edit source]

Chevy Volt has a 5 Star rating for all safety tests [8]and has held this 5 star status for last 5 years.It comes with Smart Features like Lane Departure Warning,Blind Spot Monitor,Available Forward Collision Alert system [8]and Automatic Braking.It has something called Teen Driver Technology which "encourages safe driving habits".It comes with the standard GM OnStar Technology for remote assist and monitoring.[8]

Price and Sales[edit | edit source]

The Price for a 2018 Chevrolet Volt is about $38,445 for a 4 door sedan. Chevy Volt sold about 20,000 cars in 2017 in the United States and about 4000 in Canada.[9] There are many attractive lease options are also available for the Chevy Volt. The Sales of Chevy Volt are declining for last two years. No apparent reason is given by General Motors, but it is widely regarded that sales for hybrids in general goes inversely to the price of gas, and the anticipation of 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV may have a dampening event on Volt Sales. GM also made an announcement that Volt will stop production in 2022 and this may also have halted the consumer confidence.[7]

Controversies[edit | edit source]

Volt being a Hybrid Car with a big battery shares all the controversies and downsides of a lithium ion battery. [10]Lithium Ion Batteries are known to explode and burn uncontrollably. Many people in the industry are afraid that these electric cars will have deadly accidents in which Lithium Ion batteries will explode. Manafacturer's are taking great precautions to avoid any such accident,[11] but there is not enough data to create a fool proof battery. Another controversy that dogs the electric/hybrid vehicles is their price. All electric/hybrid vehicles are 3-5k costlier than comprable gas only models. This is a high price to pay for Environmental consciousness especially if the gas prices are low. Finally people question the environmental friendliness claim of such hybrids because the electricity that runs has to generated too, and most of electricity generation today depends on fossil fuels, So it many critics minds we are not helping the environment but just swapping one fossil fuel with another.[12]

Awards[edit | edit source]

Some of the awards that that the Chevrolet Volt has received are the 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year,[9]2016 AutoBytel Car of he Year,2016 Green Car of the Year.It is the hybrid with most awards and accolades[13].


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